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Nexonia is the leading provider of web-based expense & travel, and time management solutions serving businesses in a vast range of industries. The solution offers a variety of applications including Nexonia Expenses, Nexonia Timesheets, Nexonia Travel, Nexonia Time Off, Nexonia Purchase Orders, and Nexonia Accounts Payable. These integrated modules provide business owners, employees, administrators, and executives quick and easy access to streamlined reporting and approval process, enhanced human resource management and improved operational efficiency by enabling users to automate the management tasks of their corporate expense policies.

Noexonia offers expense management functionality as well as credit card integrations, multi-currency support, and data sync with travel and booking tools, users' existing accounting and ERP systems. analyze their business expenses through the aid of custom reports. It also includes native Android and iOS mobile apps that allow users to create, edit and approve expense reports on the go at any time.

To streamline the preparation, submission, and approval of corporate expenses so users can focus on more important aspects of their business.

Pricing: Pricing packages are quote-based.

USP: Nexonia offers highly customizable applications that are fully integrated with accounting/ERP, credit card, payroll, and travel management systems.

Support: Support can be reached via phone and online resources.

Product Advantages: The ability to group multiple receipts to one entry auto-generated entries linked to my credit card, the option to use the mobile app, and the drag-and-drop feature for receipts are highly useful.

Product Limitations: Linking personal debit cards to Nexonia is slightly complicated. Customer support is spotty. UI is dated.

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Call us at

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