Odoo is an advanced fully integrated open-source business ERP management suite designed to serve businesses of all sizes among all industry verticals encompassing an ever-growing list of applications serving sales, CRM, project management, POS, manufacturing, MRP, e-commerce, HR, accounting and other business needs in a unified solution. The system integrates all these channels combined with its robust inventory management catering to over 2,000,000 users around the world with 23 available languages.

Some of the key functions and features offered include CRM, MRP, E-Commerce, eSignature, Inventory Management, Marketing, Point of Sale, Project Management, Sales Management, Automated Stock Update, Automated Calendar, Automated Invoicing, Leave Management, Timesheets, and Reporting. The solution supports integration within modules and a number of external applications to enhance user experience and reduce manual processing. This interconnection of modules allows users to automate many processes that would otherwise require manual inputs into multiple applications. This also enables teams to keep all functions in a unified system and collaborate with other departments.

Pricing: Pricing starts at $10-$12 per month. Free trial is also available.

USP: Business technology and software development communities around the world utilize Odoo’s advanced security features and inventory management to save up on time and hard-earned money.

Support: Support is provided via phone, email, tickets and live support.

Product Advantages: Offers seamless integration with a variety of third-party tools. Easy and straight forward user interface. Excellent reporting, no need to re-enter any data.

Product Limitations: Can be slow sometimes, relies too much on fast internet connection. Poor customer support. Documentation is weak and scattered among different channels.


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