Procurify is cloud-based go-to spend management and procurement solution which helps the organizations to track, analyze, control, and report their spending. This management system is best suitable for mid-level and high-scale enterprises. It is designed to offer real-time solutions for all the management tasks that store all the information to make upcoming informed decisions. Procurify offers the same online shopping experience as Amazon Punch-out offers. Its real-time storage simultaneously stores all the messages and notifications for record-keeping. Its accessible for computer systems through web browsers while for IOS and Android devices is through apps.

Procurify holds the centralized control and information for all the purchasing while giving the purchasing flexibility its stakeholders as well. It is integrated with ERP systems including QuickBooks, dynamics, and sage. It offers wide range of features which include compliance management, invoice processing, supplier management, inventory management, sourcing management, and requisition management.

Pricing: Procurify is offering a free trial version. However, the price of the purchased version is quotation based, depending upon the desired services.

USP: Purchasing which is made through Procurify, can be traced with a real-time tracking system. Tracking details include current location or purchase made, order date, and delivery date.

Support: It provides support through 24/7 chat support, phone, email, online form submission, and already posted FAQs.

Product Advantage: A competitive advantage is that it avoids double billing because the data is stored in special electronic records which are connected with a smart notification system, thus keeps everybody on the same track. Moreover, Immediate purchasing, smooth receiving, and confident payments are its added benefits.

Product Limitation: Procurify is highly expensive for the first-time setup for top-level organizations


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