Assembly Software

What is Assembly Software?


Assembly is a cloud-based system that helps teams work smarter by streamlining day-to-day workflows. The software offers a variety of features that can be customized to fit the needs of any business. The solution also integrates with popular SSO & HRIS solutions, making it easy for teams to access the information they need in one place.  

What is Assembly Software Best for?

Assembly software is ideal for teams or businesses that need to streamline their workflows and manage multiple tasks in one location. It offers customizable Assembly features, making it possible to tailor the software to fit any business. The system enables teams to easily access the information they need and automate many processes that would otherwise take up a lot of time. 

Assembly Pricing

Assembly project management software offers unlimited user access at no cost. Advanced features are available at additional Assembly cost, yet there is no obligation to provide the credit card information to try the software.

If you want to know which Assembly Pricing Plan will best fit your business needs, click the ‘Get Pricing’ button at the top.

Assembly Integrations

Assembly integrates with popular third-party software such as Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Okta, etc. This allows users to seamlessly connect and utilize the features of these platforms in conjunction with Assembly. 

How does Assembly Software Work?

To use Assembly, teams simply need to create an account, set up their desired templates and integrations, and start utilizing the platform to manage their projects and improve communication within their organization. 

  • Once set up, users can check in with their team using Ask me Anything, get updates and notifications about work progress via the general news feed, access important documents via the internal Wiki, and easily manage tasks and projects. 
  • Additionally, it offers tools such as Standup meetings and team retrospectives to foster better collaboration between teams and gain insight from retrospectives. The platform also offers an Idea Management tool, which allows users to share ideas, ask questions, and receive feedback from their peers. All of these tools are aimed at enhancing internal communication and helping teams work more effectively and efficiently. 

The system is cloud-based, so you can access it from any device, anytime, anywhere. If you want to see the system in action, click on the "Watch Demo" button, and one of our customer care representatives will get back to you with the live Assembly demo of the system in 24 hours. 

Who is Assembly Software for?

Assembly project management is for forward-thinking companies that recognize the value of automating their workflows and business processes. It is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, remote teams, departments within larger organizations, and any team that requires efficient collaboration and communication. 

Assembly software can benefit a wide range of industries, including tech, finance, healthcare, and education, among others. The software is designed to improve workflow and productivity, making it an ideal solution for companies looking to streamline their processes and improve their overall business performance. 

Assembly Software Features

Streamlined Collaboration

The project management software facilitates team collaboration by providing a centralized platform with individual profiles for each team member. These profiles contain comprehensive information to enable seamless communication and effective teamwork. As a result, it enables teams to work together with greater efficiency and productivity, improving overall team performance. 

EnhancedTeam Productivity

Assembly is a project management solution designed to enhance team productivity. It provides a suite of tools, including daily recap, daily/weekly agenda, idea management, meeting notes, product feedback, wins list, and a sales CRM template, to assist teams in organizing and managing their projects effectively. The use of these tools within the system streamlines work processes and promotes efficient collaboration, ultimately leading to increased team productivity. 

Highly Customizable and Scalable

The project management software is characterized by its high customization and adaptability, making it a suitable solution for companies of varying sizes and needs. Its versatility and robust features allow teams to fully optimize their workflows, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. Assembly's customization capabilities make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to streamline their processes and achieve greater results. 

Manager-to-peer Recognition

The system also provides an effective platform for managers to recognize and reward employee performance. The software offers a variety of recognition options, including peer-to-peer recognition, department awards, and team achievements. This encourages employees to strive for better performance and work towards the company’s overall goals. 


Assembly software makes work fun by incorporating game-like elements into the work process. This encourages employees to stay engaged and motivated, leading to increased productivity. The game-like elements include leaderboards, point systems, and badges that reward employees for their accomplishments. This encourages a collaborative and competitive environment that promotes productivity. 

Activity Dashboard

The system offers a comprehensive activity dashboard to provide an overview of all projects and activities within the organization. The dashboard provides a clear and visual representation of work progress, enabling managers to monitor the performance of their teams and make informed decisions. This allows teams to stay on track, stay organized, and work together more effectively. 

Alerts and Notifications

Assembly software also offers alerts and notifications to keep teams informed and up to date on their projects and tasks. This feature helps to ensure that no important deadlines or updates are missed, and teams can stay on track. The alerts and notifications can be customized to suit individual preferences and can be received via email or in-app. This feature helps to ensure effective communication and coordination within teams, contributing to overall project success. 

Reporting and Statistics

The system also includes reporting and statistics features, allowing users to track their progress and measure their performance. Assembly features provide detailed insights into how projects are progressing and how team members are performing. This information can be used to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments to achieve better results. Assembly's reporting and statistics features offer real-time data and customizable visualizations, making it easy for teams to understand their progress and make informed decisions. 

Is Assembly Software Right for You?

If you are looking for an efficient and robust project management solution, Assembly is the right choice for your business. It offers a highly customizable interface, manager-to-peer recognition, gamification, an activity dashboard, alerts and notifications, and reporting and statistics features. All of these features work together to provide an efficient and effective way to manage projects, optimize workflows, and increase productivity. To explore the full capabilities of Assembly software, we suggest watching a demo or scheduling a consultation with one of our experts. This will help you make an informed decision about whether the software is right for your organization. 

Assembly Software Pricing Details

  • Starter
  • Lite
  • Standard
  • Premium
0 / month
2.8 / month
4.5 / month
What’s included
(Starter Plan Features)
What’s included
(Lite Plan Features)
What’s included
(Standard Plan Features)
What’s included
(Premium Plan Features)
  • For small teams interested in employee recognition.
  • 10 Members Max
  • For teams focused on maximizing their employee engagement
  • 50 Members Max
  • For businesses amplifying cross functional engagement
  • Unlimited Members
  • For large organizations that need a custom and unique program.
  • Unlimited Members

Assembly Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Assembly offer an API?

Yes, Assembly provides users with a single AI-powered API.

Does Assembly support mobile devices?

No, Assembly does not support mobile devices.

How does Assembly work?

The software works by collecting nominations from the entire staff and making sure their achievements are recognized.

Is Assembly cloud-based?

Yes, Assembly is a secure, cloud-based software.

What is Assembly used for?

Assembly software is a no-code workflow automation software that is used by companies for employee engagement, managing workflows, internal communications, and boosting team productivity. 

What other apps does Assembly integrate with?

The software integrates with a lot of other apps including Microsoft Teams, SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone, and more.

What type of pricing plans does Assembly offer?

The software is free for all Assembly consumers with the cost charged for adding premium features. To view Assembly pricing plans, click the "Get Pricing" button above.

Who are the typical users of Assembly?

The main users of Assembly include public administrations, non-profit organizations, and small to large businesses.

Assembly Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Assembly Software reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews


The software is very user-friendly with a modern approach!

March 2023


Real Estate

The software is laid out very naturally, making it simple to use. It feels organic, like the spontaneous social feed UX to which we are already accustomed. I appreciate that Assembly has not increased any sort of workload or complexity. It appears to have been created for modern teams, with features like the ability to include "GIFs" in your posts. I've discovered that the software increases team engagement and brings out the best in individual team members. It's fantastic to see how engaged employees are on the platform and how it helps us develop a more positive company culture.
They have recently gone through an internal overhaul (including rebranding), which has been a little inconvenient for us. Some employees have reported confusion since their normally used features have been misplaced, and some things have been removed altogether. They have managed to keep the overall experience still satisfactory, but my team needed to be retrained. Assembly desperately needs a darker theme that would be easier on the eyes, especially for those working night shifts.

Our staff has never been more involved in their work.

February 2023

Tasha W.


There are many things at which Assembly is great, but increasing employee engagement is by far its best feature. We have introduced actual prizes that are distributed most conveniently (upon completion of tasks and collaboration with colleagues, for example). Our employees have begun to hold themselves accountable for their actions and ask their seniors for advice on improving. They have increased meetings and helped each other complete their respective tasks. They value the Care Coins and are pleased with themselves.
Assembly is still quite new as a company, and so am I as a client, so I cannot definitively comment on its drawbacks. I feel that, given enough time, I will see things I cannot right now. However, what I can say for now is that the pricing is a bit inconsistent. Their pricing plans are not very efficient and are not affordable in the long run. They could introduce more pricing tiers to cater to companies of all sizes and requirements.

Assembly is not just beneficial; it's fun to use!

January 2023

Oren L.

Computer Software

It is quite easily the complete software solution that I have used. They have made it with a smooth UI in mind, making Assembly quite enjoyable to use. It has made it much easier for our team members to recognize one another's efforts. On the administrative side, we can access our reports and determine what factors contribute to employee job satisfaction. We have seen a marked improvement in employee collaboration ever since Assembly was implemented, and the staff is eager to assist one another more, which is fantastic.
One potential drawback is that Assembly offers a wide range of customizable features, which can overwhelm smaller teams or businesses with less complex workflows. However, the level of customization requires more time and resources to set up and maintain, which can be a barrier for smaller businesses like ours with limited resources.

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