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Blink is a mobile app for frontline workers that streamlines communications and workflow with a user-friendly interface. It is designed for field workers in businesses across various industries such as construction, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and many more. Blink is designed to boost frontline workers' productivity, increase employee retention and streamline communication to combat workers’ burnout.    

Blink software provides users with built-in storage for their policies, job documents, and features' Workforce Analytics' functionalities. It also supports integration with third-party systems such as Office 365, Google G Suite, Salesforce, and Dropbox. With Blink project management, mobile applications for iOS and Android devices are available.   

Blink Software Features

Blink Feed

With Blink, a personalized feed is available for every frontline worker. It allows users to share updates and news directly on employee feeds, along with measuring users' reach. This is the user's route to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and engagement.   

Content Management Hub

Blink is a full-scale, mobile intranet software and app, with Hub as its central feature. Now, employees can quickly access policies, procedures, preview documents inline, and guides in one convenient place—which results in a more engaged and productive workforce.  

People Directory

Blink is a simple visual directory that makes getting to know your people more convenient. Find and connect with teammates in one click. Content-rich user profiles make building relationships extremely easy. The directory makes it easy for users to find people based on their name, job title, location, department, line manager, skills, and contact information. Users can set up and manage their teams internally through Blink or sync teams with the existing HR system to ensure that everyone gets timely access. 

Secure chats

Blink's world-class chat feature brings users organization together with groups and one-to-one chats. The Secure Chats feature comes with a bundle of extra features as well. It keeps users connected to their colleagues irrespective of their geographical location.  

Workplace Analytics

Blink's powerful Analytics feature offers insight into the people and relationships that make user organizations tick.  


Blink's simple yet powerful page editor makes it easier to create and distribute mobile-friendly and engaging content.  


Users can use customizable themes to completely transform Blink so that users will identify with their account the moment they sign up.  


Blink's Micro-apps are the fastest and lowest-cost system to develop and distribute quality internal tools to the user's workforce.  

Blink Software Pricing

Blink Offers Essential, Business, Enterprise, and Enterprise plus programs suitable for different work environments. Click on our “Get Pricing” tab to get detailed Blink pricing information for all programs.   

Blink Software Demo

Blink offers 14 days trial free and a free demo.   

Blink Software Reviews

A blink is a certified tool so that users can put their minds at ease knowing they are in safe hands. Blink is used in many companies like Dominos, Stagecoach,  Network Rail, Coach USA, NHS, and many more.   

Our thoughts

Blink is an intranet solution for mobile and field workers. Key features include calendar management, content management, an employee directory, file sharing, and discussion forums, which boost frontline workers' productivity, increase employee retention, and streamline communication. 

Blink Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Blink offer an API?

Yes, Blink does offer APIs.

Does Blink support mobile devices?

Yes, Blink does offer mobile support for mobile Android and Apple devices (e.g., iPhone and iPad). 

How do you use Blink?

Blink is an enterprise ordering solution for restaurants, supermarkets, and cloud kitchens to build direct-to-consumer online ordering channels. Blink offers its customers a branded ordering website and mobile app, as well as a comprehensive backend dashboard for managing and growing their business. The Blink platform features an engagement suite, order management, a CRM system, and a fleet management system, as well as numerous integrations with payment, logistics, and marketing partners. 

How does Blink work?

Blink is an intranet solution built for mobile and field workers in a variety of industries like retail, construction, hospitality, and others. Calendar management, content management, an employee directory, file sharing, and discussion forums are all important aspects.

What is Blink used for?

The Blink House Monitor app connects your home to your phone, allowing you to protect what is most important to you. Blink's multi-system capability allows you to use it to monitor your house, vacation home, or company all at once. In addition, you may control many Blink systems from a single app.

What languages does Blink support?

Blink supports English (UK and USA), Spanish (European and Latin American), French, Dutch, German, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Norwegian, Italian, Hungarian, and Portuguese.

What types of pricing plans does Blink offer?

If you want to get a Blink Membership Plan, you can click on the "Get Pricing" button and get custom pricing from us.

Blink Software Pricing

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