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Easy Redmine project management tool is a Redmine upgrade. This newer version is a more expandable web-based solution. It includes robust features, various plugins, and a new mobile design. It aims to make project management more effective for business organizations. Furthermore, it ensures clearer communication, more time-saving, and a better user experience.  

Users can choose to get Easy Redmine on their own server or via the cloud. It also supports plugins for Resources, Finances, CRM, Agile, DevOps, and HelpDesk.  

Key Features


The dashboard gives you an overview of all the projects you are involved in, the tasks assigned to you, and the deadlines you need to meet. You can also see the progress of each project or task, and get a quick overview of the resources available. 

The Easy Redmine dashboard is fully customizable, so you can add or remove elements to suit your needs. You can also share your dashboard with other users, so they can see what is happening in your projects. Furthermore, the software offers pre-configured dashboard templates for most common team roles.  

Activity Reports 

It is convenient to view any task changes made on the appropriate user’s profile with this feature. The sidebar also contains a global activity feed section, which keeps users updated on latest activities related to selected projects.  

Better Time Tracking 

Easy Redmine software offers several methods to log and track the spent time. Users can do it manually, through the personal dashboard, while updating tasks, or they can use a stopwatch.  

Graphs & Charts 

Users can create customized graphs and charts for any list of entries. With this feature, it just takes a few clicks to prepare a visual report on project performance.  

Workflow Management 

The software allows configuring workflows so users can have maximum control over tracking tasks. Users can track company-wide—from project owners to part-time workers and even external resources or customers.  

Extended Integrations 

Easy Redmine makes it simple to synchronize or migrate data from third-party systems. It supports multiple platforms, including Jira, Zapier, Redmine, Asana, Cardav, Caldav, Excel, and Microsoft Project.  

New Mobile Design 

The new design of Easy Redmine provides a more intuitive and finer user experience with its mobile solution. The interface is fully responsive, which makes it easily accessible from modern mobile browsers.  

Easy Redmine Pricing 

The minimum software cost of Easy Redmine is $5.90 for its Essentials package. The Business and Platform plans cost $11.90 and $23.90, respectively. *For the Enterprise plan, you can click the “Get Pricing” button on top of the page to access a detailed pricing plan.* 

*You can also contact our customer service helpline to get customized pricing quotes, tailored according to the needs of your organization. 

Easy Redmine Demo 

To schedule a free Easy Redmine software demo, simply click the “Watch Demo” button at the top of this page. The demo will provide you with an insightful experience of the key features offered by the software.  

Easy Redmine Reviews 

Users of Easy Redmine believe that the software is a step forward from Redmine given its extended functionalities and plugins, along with an improved user interface. Several Easy Redmine software reviews indicate the software to be an all-in-one solution for project management.  

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