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GoodDay project management is a modern software application for managing work that gives you the best tools for planning, organizing tasks, and keeping everyone in the loop. The software ensures to meet business goals, conduct strategic planning, track KPI progress, and write down achievements.  

Users can also see their work, quickly look at the project's status, and immediately work on their top priorities. Also, they can look at the "My Work" dashboard to see a clear list of all the tasks that need to be done. This software was made to work, analyze, and get better, which will help a business grow. 

GoodDay software also has a way for users to track their time and a reporting engine. The solution works with Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, third-party email, calendar, and collaboration systems. Users can also get apps for their iOS and Android mobile devices. 

Key Features  

Business Intelligence 

GoodDay cloud-based project management solution has a business intelligence module that helps decision-makers. It gives a high-level view of activities and uses analytics on real-time data to help improve estimates, forecasts, progress, and trends. So, users can look back at processes, learn new things, and develop sound plans. 


GoodDay resource management software also works with tools that people already know and are comfortable with. For example, it works well with email and calendars from Google. In addition, it has essential security features like encrypted data and files, authentication, centralized user management, and a system based on roles and permissions. They are kept in safe data centers that are backed up and checked regularly. 

Team Management 

GoodDay idea management software uses the most up-to-date technology tools and the best team management principles. It supports transparency in all phases and makes it easy for users to see single tasks and big-picture views. You can put up big screens in common work areas to get people involved, working together, taking responsibility, and getting work done. Action Required is a feature that shows on a timeline which team member is in charge of the next step on a task. This makes people more responsible and accountable, helps find and eliminate problems, and makes goals more transparent. 

GoodDay Pricing 

The GoodDay software is free for up to 15 users. The Professional package costs $4 per month and is accessible to up to 250 users. Moreover, the Enterprise model has all the features and is accessible to unlimited users. You can reach out to the vendor for a detailed GoodDay pricing plan.  

GoodDay Demo 

The GoodDay resource management software offers a free demo that can help you explore the software thoroughly. You can navigate through different features to see whether they fulfil your needs. 

GoodDay Reviews 

According to users, GoodDay project management software has an easy-to-use interface and modern design. In addition, the software is affordable and works for every department. You can dig deeper into the benefits and drawbacks below.  

Our Thoughts  

GoodDay deals with the problems when planning and doing modern work. The platform gives you a great place to do all of your work-related tasks. You can automate transparency and streamline all process flows, from planning to execution, knowledge sharing, communication, and reporting. 

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