What Is Kintone? 


Kintone is a cloud-based software that offers a low-code development environment for businesses to create customized applications and workflows. It is designed to help businesses automate their processes and improve team collaboration. 

What Is Kintone Best For? 

Kintone excels as a cloud-based software offering a low-code development environment tailored for businesses aiming to construct customized applications and streamline workflows. It effectively supports process automation and fosters improved team collaboration. 

Kintone Pricing 

The pricing for Kintone is contingent upon your company’s size and specific requirements. Kintone pricing initiates at $24/user/month, with a minimum requirement of 5 users. Companies have the flexibility to opt for payment based on additional users or opt for a monthly or yearly contract. 

See the table below for more detailed pricing or click Get Pricing. 

Kintone Integrations 

Users can extend the potential of Kintone through plug-ins and third-party integrations. With plug-ins, users can customize the software setup without the hassle of writing or altering code. Meanwhile, the integrations extend Kintone’s capabilities.   

A few common integrations include: 

  • Box 
  • Dropbox 
  • Formstack 
  • Slack 
  • Zapier 

How Does Kintone Work? 

Follow these basic steps to start using the Kintone workflow solution:    

  • Sign up for a Kintone account 
  • Set up your organization by selecting a unique workspace name and adding users with access to the account 
  • Create customized apps based on your business needs, either using Kintone templates or starting from scratch 
  • Configure settings, including notifications, record approval processes, field settings, and authentication preferences 
  • Enter data into your newly created apps manually or import it automatically from other databases, spreadsheets, or CRMs 
  • Facilitate collaboration among team members within the Kintone workspace, promoting secure record-keeping and streamlined processes 

A Kintone demo can help you learn more about the software’s functionalities 

Who Is Kintone For? 

Kintone can help businesses streamline workflows, create customized applications, increase productivity, and improve collaboration.   

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can benefit from Kintone as it provides a cost-effective solution that does not require a large upfront investment. The platform is also scalable, making it ideal for growing businesses needing more users and functionality as their needs change.   

Large enterprises can also use Kintone as it provides a highly customizable solution tailored to their business needs. Kintone also offers various integrations, including popular enterprise systems.   

Regarding industries, Kintone is suitable for manufacturing, real estate, retail, education, hospitality, healthcare, and nonprofits. 

Kintone Features 

The key features offered by Kintone workflow management software include: 

  • App Builder 

Kintone provides a user-friendly interface with a drag-and-drop feature, enabling users to effortlessly create work apps without coding. Customizable templates further streamline the application development process, ensuring a quicker and easier experience. 

  • Workflow Management 

With Kintone's project management capabilities, users can establish custom workflows automating processes like approvals, notifications, and data routing. This enhances efficiency and reduces errors. Users have the flexibility to personalize field and authentication settings, gaining greater control over their business operations. 

  • Secure Collaboration 

Kintone facilitates secure collaboration among team members within a shared workspace. Robust security protocols are in place to prevent data breaches or the loss of confidential information during communication. 

  • Data Entry And Importing 

Effortlessly input data manually or import it automatically into the app(s), providing easy access across multiple sources within a unified platform. 

  • Mobile Application 

Access and manage data conveniently from mobile devices with Kintone's dedicated mobile app, ensuring seamless connectivity and productivity on the go. 

  • Full-Text Search 

Utilize Kintone's search feature to refine searches with keywords and filters, yielding targeted and specific results. This feature simplifies accessing needed data, whether it's within the app or the content of file attachments. 

  • Reports 

Leverage Kintone's capabilities to generate custom reports from stored data, empowering users to analyze and visualize information for informed decision-making. 

Is Kintone Right For You? 

Selecting Kintone for your enterprise-level needs is the ideal choice for businesses seeking a secure, customizable, and scalable solution. Boasting a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, adaptable templates, and secure collaboration features, Kintone provides a robust application to expedite goal achievement. 

Currently trusted by over 25,000 business teams, Kintone has garnered recognition from prominent clients such as Volvo Trucks North America, Japan Airlines, LiveWell Colorado, Ricoh, and SoftBank. 

Still not sure if Kintone is right for you? Read Kintone reviews or get in touch with our customer support team at (661) 384-7070, who will help you make the best decision. 

Kintone Pricing Details 

  • Standard
  • What’s Included  

24 / month
Minimum 5 users
  • No-code application building
  • Enhanced Process Management
  • Collaboration Suite
  • Productivity Enhancement Suite
  • Open API Connectivity
  • Unlimited Custom Views
  • Mobile

Kintone Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Time Tracking




File Sharing


Data Visualization


Task Management


Customizable Workflows


Project Templates


Issue Tracking




Resource Allocation


Activity Tracking




Project Scheduling


Task Dependencies


Mobile App





  • Highly scalable and can accommodate the needs of growing organizations 
  • Information searching mechanisms can be improved further, according to a Kintone review 
  • Monthly or yearly contracts available 
  • Offers multi-language support options 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Kintone offer an API?

Yes, API access is available.

Does Kintone support mobile devices?

It is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

What languages does Kintone support?

It supports English, Japanese, and Chinese.

What other apps does Kintone integrate with?

It can integrate with various applications like Slack, Box, Dropbox, Formstack, and Zapier.

What type of pricing plans does Kintone offer?

Pricing starts from $24 per user, per month.

Who are the typical users of Kintone?

Small to large businesses can use the software. It is used in the following industries: manufacturing, real estate, retail, education, hospitality, healthcare, and nonprofits.

Kintone Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Kintone reviews

Overall Rating

10 Reviews


Less stress, more productivity

November 2022

Erica Miles

Non-profit Organization

I don’t think we have used Kintone to its optimum level yet because we are still expanding our scope as an organization. I know that in the future, Kintone will be even more useful to us. I can say this because the set of features we are currently using has been quite helpful in enhancing our overall productivity. I personally have benefited from the reporting tool. I feel more confident during my presentations because Kintone makes it easier to extract data in an easy-to-understand manner. And it is so simple to configure the data into meaningful reports.
As a team, we are still discovering the features included in the Kintone software. In the beginning, it was difficult to set up the software, and we found several functions complicated to use. However, the customer support team has provided valuable assistance in this regard.

We are so glad we found Kintone software

November 2022

Alfred J. Stravinsky

Sr. Manager  

The system user interface is extremely user-friendly in general. Its simple to edit, change, tweak, and add as you go. However, Kintone goes above and beyond in terms of how much their personnel assist you in thinking through and implementing intricate areas of the database. They have assisted me in improving and streamlining the way data is treated and managed. Their assistance in writing calculations has been helpful! When attempting to figure out how to make formulas, import data efficiently, construct merge templates, and so much more, the help menu section might be a bit daunting to a layperson.
The data points in reports are not sorted alphabetically when mapping or generating filters. That has been my one major annoyance because it makes finding the fields you want so difficult. I know what field I need, but because items are arranged by when the field was introduced rather than alphabetically, finding fields for future reports or work becomes much more difficult. Id like to be able to use tables instead of tabs in field groups. To reduce space on the display screen, Id like to be able to stack and organize fields more tightly. When I click the edit button in the list view, Id prefer the row data not to grow past the setting I have on the view screen.

One of the best implementation and onboarding experience

November 2022

Carley J.


The thing I loved most about the application was how simple it was to use and learn. Moreover, I was able to configure things very easily as well, which was not the case with the previous software that I was using. Besides, one of the most advantageous benefits Kintone has over other software within the same niche is the implementation procedure. It is very simple to set up process management and give roles to everyone on the team using the application. Thus, I would highly recommend this application, especially to newer businesses that have no tech-savvy employees.
There are a few issues that I experience frequently with the software. Firstly, I found it a little hard with some of the features of the software, such as setting up reminders. Due to this, I had to contact customer care assistance to get my issue fixed. Thankfully, the representatives were quick to respond; otherwise, it would have been another issue. Besides this, another thing that I would like to see improved is that the software should provide the option to remove all of the notifications with a single click. Currently, I have to remove them one by one. Thus, I would like to see these improvements in the upcoming version of the software.

Precise and accurate calculations

November 2022

Paul S.

Project Manager

I use this software mainly for calculations. Thankfully, the software generates pretty accurate results and never fails to deliver a worry-free experience. I no longer have to do the calculations manually because even though I used to use a calculator but it still left room for human error. However, that is not the case anymore as Kintone has solved this problem for me. I, for sure, know that as long as I’m inputting the correct data into the system, it will produce accurate results. Besides this, my experience with the support team was a pleasant one as they were quick to respond to my query promptly.
Sometimes the best things can turn out to be a little problematic and the same is the case with this application. Although the software provides so many features and the option to customize them this very capability of the software becomes a little challenging as well. This is because it sometimes makes it difficult to adjust. It gets difficult for certain employees, like me, to navigate because of the complexity of the tasks.

Kintone PM has been a great addition to our family.

November 2022

Harry P. Letterman

Jr Manager

The software is quite simple to use. You can quickly import your Excel worksheets and build an app and database. We also use an account that has been created to assist us in getting started quickly and to demonstrate various application development examples. The drag-and-drop interface is also excellent, and field configuration, as well as setting up filters and views, is really simple. It is simple to create personalized icons. The program is significantly less expensive than competitors such as QuickBase, which has a $600 starting point.
As a result, functionalities are not fully developed. I have the impression that the software is still in its infancy. The software has the potential to improve over time. Quick searches by fields, such as a button or field within the app, are examples of this feature being lacking. The import and export functions are really tough to grasp. This is especially true when importing data into lookup tables. I think we are going to stick with it as it works with a variety of business models, which is one of our requirements for the future.

Kintone is one of the most user-friendly and approachable software available in the market

November 2022

Anthony D.

Financial Consultant

There are several things that I would like to mention that I love about the application. I’m thankful to an ex-colleague of mine who introduced me to this app. Being someone who has little to no knowledge about technology, I was glad that I was able to get the gist of the software quickly. Normally, it takes me a little longer to understand the functioning of the applications, but that was not the case with Kintone. It is very simple to learn and use in terms of functionalities and tools.
The built-in graphic and tabular features are not that good. I would say they are mediocre and can be improved further. Therefore, I am looking forward to the upcoming versions of the software where these issues will be resolved.

Kintone really improves our productivity and functionality

October 2022

Henry L. Filtz

Marketing Associate

I have some prior experience with relational database architecture, and the build for my particular needs has been easy and quick, with little assistance from the Kintone Team. excellent product for my needs. I had attempted two different programs, one more expensive than the other. I was able to complete my student tracking requirements in around four days. With the other applications, I was unable to attain that goal in several weeks. When I need to speak with someone at Kintone, the people on the other end of the phone speak English in a way that I understand. My crew is always willing to assist and easy to reach.
Kintone lacks some capabilities seen in most other applications Ive used, such as the ability to format a phone number; we read this better than a string of 10 digits. Even the Kintone team acknowledged that there should be a way to accomplish this. So, Id say its a touch rough around the edges. Also, Kintone is heavily reliant on third-party programs for workflows, form integrations, and so on; it would be wonderful if some of that functionality was incorporated within the application.

An efficient and user-friendly software

October 2022

Karen H.

Operations Manager

Kintone software has really helped us update our business and minimize data duplication. We now have a project management tool, and we can observe work being done across the team in real-time. The software has substantially decreased the quantity of emails and Outlook calendar reminders since it is easy for us to establish automated notifications and reminders. Its drag-and-drop interface works excellently, and field setups are incredibly straightforward. It performs fantastically while building up filters and displays. Also, putting up custom icons is simple and straightforward.
Our team is quite happy that we converted to Kintone software because it has several very useful features and functionality and is a fantastic project management solution. It has significantly aided our organizations growth and expansion. There are only a few small changes that we would want to see included in future editions of the software. To begin with, the software does not allow us to modify the background colors and fonts because the user interface is pretty dull and monotonous. Furthermore, there are just a few customization choices available; we would like the developers to focus on the mentioned areas, as they can make project management rather interesting.

A great tool for project managers.

September 2022

Sarah G.


With its many capabilities, Kintone software has long been a great tool for our company. However, what I appreciate most is how simple it is to edit data fields and arrange information in a completely unique way. Because I have reports at my fingertips, I have accurate reports and reliable information, and I feel secure giving presentations. Since I can establish automated notifications and reminders, the number of emails and Outlook calendar reminders has significantly decreased. Every time I have questions about putting new procedures in place, the Kintone support staff has been a huge assistance.
With all of its features and capabilities, the software is quite fantastic. It has significantly aided our management team in streamlining our organizations everyday operations. The only drawback I can think of is that I wish the information search capabilities were a little bit more adaptable. I found it to be a bother every time I went to look for a file or document since I had to travel through so many folders and documents. With the exception of this one minor issue, Im really happy with my software.

A highly comprehensive and adaptable software 

September 2022

Stephanie M.

non-profit organization management

Kintone software is fantastic. It is simple to use, highly adaptable, has excellent capabilities, and the software is often updated, which is a significant benefit because they are continuously releasing new plug-ins and connections, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition. The software allows us to link to external applications, move around fields, and develop apps for pretty much everything we need. And the customer service is excellent. Whenever we encounter a technological problem, they always have a ready solution. Overall, Kintone is a great asset to our business.
The issue we first had with the software was that it took us a long time to get it up and running. It is a substantial investment that will pay off eventually, but you must be prepared to put in some effort to get it where you want it. However, once you are completely trained, the software is a delight to work with.

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Call us at

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