Lucidchart Pricing: Leading Web-based Software for Diagramming and Data Visualization

What is Lucidchart?


Lucidchart is a web-based application where users can sketch and share professional flowchart diagrams to manage projects and brainstorm ideas. This all-in-one platform lets teams collaborate to build mockups, flowcharts, Unified Modelling Language (UML) diagrams, wireframes, and mind maps in real time to improve processes and ideas.

What is Lucidchart Best For?

As a cloud-based solution, Lucidchart is best known for the wide range of templates and libraries it offers, as well as for its ease of use, functionality, sharp look, and great value for customers. 

Lucidchart offers a range of collaboration features and support for real-time co-editing, with a simple, straightforward, and attractive interface.

The software is most popular for:

  • Creating business process maps
  • Planning and organizing scrum teams
  • Mapping data flows
  • Staying aligned on user flows
  • Scaling cloud infrastructure
  • Drawing product architecture sketches

Lucidchart Pricing

Lucidchart software offers a free version for users to get started, with access to three editable Lucidchart documents and 100 templates. Businesses can then choose from two paid options: ‘Individual’ and ‘Team’, priced at $7.95 and $9.00/user respectively after a free trial.

For large teams, Lucidchart offers an Enterprise plan, which includes full access to the platform’s Visual Collaboration Suite.

Can’t decide which plan is best for your team? Reach out to our solutions specialist to get the most out of Lucidchart.

Lucidchart Software Integrations

Lucidchart supports integrations with various industry-leading apps and software, including Slack, Salesforce, Confluence, Atlassian, Google Workspace, Microsoft Visio, and Jira. The platform is compatible with Web, Android, and Mac operating systems.

How does Lucidchart Work?

Getting started with Lucidchart is easy.

Simply click on the ‘Sign up free’ button on the top right corner of the platform’s main website, which will allow you to begin its free plan with editable documents and templates.

Lucidchart’s diagramming features are easy to learn, saving your company time and money by brainstorming ideas on how to grow your business. Once signed up, ​​you will be able to view and organize documents, create folders, access templates, and import files on your homepage.

The main homepage page also serves as a portal to the admin panel, integrations marketplace, and the Lucidchart workspace.

To begin diagramming on Lucid software you can create a document in the following ways:

  • Using a new blank document to begin diagramming from scratch.
  • Building from a Lucidchart template.
  • Importing an existing file from supported platforms integrated with Lucidchart.

Who is Lucidchart for?

As a widely-used diagramming tool, Lucidchart lets people manage critical documents by configuring user access and providing view-only licenses to members within an organization. Typical customers of the platform include:

  • Remote workers
  • Engineers
  • IT leaders
  • Operations teams
  • Sales and marketing teams
  • Product designers
  • Educators

Lucidchart Software Features

  1. Real-time collaboration

Lucidchart updates projects in real time, meaning users can build the same documents simultaneously, regardless of location. In addition, users can also share diagrams within and across multiple team members to gain feedback and approval, quickly streamlining workflows in a more efficient way as a result.  

  1. Automated diagramming

With Lucidchart’s advanced functionality and features, employees can pull existing data to create their diagrams or let the platform make them automatically. Users can utilize automated functions such as generating a UML sequence diagram, build an org chart from a CSV file, and import Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure for network diagrams. 

  1. Easy formatting changes

Lucidchart makes mass formatting changes for diagrams simple. For example, if users need to change formatting on their Lucidchart template mid-project, they can select the font, font size, font color, and line style from the Properties bar at the top of the editor. This will automatically apply changes to every shape that is dragged and dropped onto the diagram canvas.   

  1. Import from Microsoft Visio, Gliffy, and OmniGraffle

Some employees may already have diagrams created on other diagramming software like Visio, Gliffy, and OmniGraffle. Users can save the hassle of recreating them on Lucidchart by importing MS Visio (.vdx), Gliffy (.gxml, .gliffy), and OmniGraffle (.graffle, files into the platform to continue working where they left off.

Is Lucidchart Right for You and Your Business?

Lucidchart remains a popular go-to choice for businesses looking to use efficient and time-saving diagramming software, with its range of templates serving as a valuable tool even for non-designers. 

Many have recommended Lucidchart for the simple layout and functionality of its interface, as well as its rich formatting capabilities (e.g., changing color, size, and items). In addition, the platform’s abundant selection of diagramming images makes it beneficial for organizations to utilize key visualization features when needed.

However, some have raised some concerns about Lucidchart’s lack of customization options. For instance, users have noted the need for features like Gantt organizational charts, having to instead resort to workaround solutions like using hidden text boxes.

Lucidchart Pricing

Free Individual

Starting from $7.95/month

Starting from $9.00/user

Full access to Visual Collaboration Suite

Contact us for pricing
What’s included:

✔ 3 editable Lucidchart documents

✔ 60 shapes per Lucidchart document

✔ 100 templates
What’s included:

✔ Unlimited editable documents

✔ Unlimited objects per document

✔ 1 GB of storage

✔ Import and export files from Microsoft Visio

✔ Presentation mode

✔ Premium shape libraries

✔ Premium templates
What’s included:

✔ Commenting

✔ Revision history with versioning

✔ Password protected publishing

✔ Microsoft 365, GitHub, Confluence, Jira, and LeanIX integrations
What’s included:

✔ Includes Lucidspark for virtual whiteboarding collaboration

✔ Team folders

✔ Document status

✔ SAML authentication

✔ IP address whitelisting

✔ Enforceable sharing restrictions and domain control

✔ Advanced data and automation

✔ Salesforce integration

Lucidchart Pricing: Leading Web-based Software for Diagramming and Data Visualization Features


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Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Lucidchart Pricing: Leading Web-based Software for Diagramming and Data Visualization Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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Lucidchart Pricing: Leading Web-based Software for Diagramming and Data Visualization reviews

Overall Rating

12 Reviews


A nice platform for visual collaboration

December 2022

Sarah K.


Thanks to the vast template library, I was able to quickly identify a chart that resembled the one I needed to make and import the appropriate components. Despite the fact that it is web-based, the UI is as smooth as a desktop application; it even has keyboard shortcuts.
The software is huge with an overwhelming amount of features, which is fine by itself. But people would appreciate a simpler interface with fewer features for easier operation.

Providing the simplest solution for complex problems

November 2022

Ben K.


LucidChart comes with a long list of excellent features, some of which I particularly appreciate. The layer option, for example, is a really useful feature that resembles Photoshop and makes organization that much easier. It also allows files to be exported in several different formats, which adds to the reliability of the software.
However, unlike Photoshop, the layers are not exactly flexible. You cannot rearrange them to your liking, and something as simple as sending a layer behind another one is not very easy. You have to be very careful and keep in mind the order of the layers when you work.

Great solution for manufacturing firms

October 2022

Kelly K.

Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

LucidChart is so easy to integrate with other software, but I appreciate the integration with Confluence and Atlassian the most. We use Lucidchart for all of our ERD, and I have used it to generate internal and external presentations. One of my core responsibilities is to present complex problems and advanced solutions to our development and senior teams. So, there's no doubt that I appreciate Lucidchart the most. It has made it easier for me to communicate difficult problems and my thoughts in order to solve them.
Software developers in my company appreciate the tools they have access to for creating ERDs or architectural diagrams. The built-in library is really something to work with. However, I feel that the library is way too focused on software development and leaves out a lot of important topics. The integration with PowerPoint is not as straightforward as I had hoped, which is disappointing. They do have an online support forum, but while that is substantial on its own, I can't seem to find the articles that answer my issues.

Love the drag-and-drop functionality.

October 2022


Information Technology and Services

I've enlisted the help of Lucidchart for drawing and creating network diagrams. It is quite simple to use and increases my overall efficiency. There are practically hundreds of templates available, so you can accomplish anything without putting in much effort. The drag-and-drop option has made exporting files quick and easy. We can export to any format we need, and it comes with free connectivity with chat, a calendar, and mailing tools. For a company as large as ours, we appreciate that the joining process can be automated. I learned a lot about using the software just by watching tutorial videos. What makes it unique is that you only pay for the tools you use.It keeps the cost as low as possible.
It is weird that Microsoft has failed to integrate its own apps perfectly. Other apps, like Google Docs, work remarkably well, and I found nothing to complain about. The templates are a lifesaver, but it is a bit time-consuming to figure out which one is best for you. as there is limited space available for modifications. Some of the charts are not as dynamic as they could be, like the Gantt chart, leaving a lot to be desired. There are no other drawbacks as of now.

Perfect charts and seamless integrations

October 2022

Sandra Mason


It has everything I need to chart my data effectively. There is literally every chart, bubble, line, and template imaginable. It cuts down so much of my time since I don't have to do anything on my own. And there's barely any instance that I remember where LucidCharts didn't have a solution. We can efficiently collaborate on charts in the same way that Google Drive users may. It opens up a way to discuss our projects that is both professional and fun! I have seen our teams make extensive use of this feature. Speaking of Google Drive, it integrates and interacts with it so well. which actually raises another good thing about it. Smartsheet does what it is best at and leaves the other stuff to be dealt with by some other software.
It requires you to be very creative. If you are a beginner, it'll give you a hard time to begin with chart creation, even with the premade templates that can help. Creativity can be developed over time, but it's not everyone's cup of tea. The user has to approach Lucidcharts with a creative vision and direction in mind already. There is no sandbox mode for this part of the chart-making process, and I still use a legal pad to start with. This is not so much a con as it is a natural limitation, and it is just a tip for chart makers from me to help them.

Lucidchart is highly secure and dependable

October 2022

Derrick Watson

Information Technology and Services

Lucidcharts makes my workflow so fast and smooth. There are so many templates that I can use to help me quickly create flowcharts and organize charts. To save even more time, we can use the excellent real-time cooperation features that eliminate the waiting time that naturally occurs between replies. It has excellent customer service. and a high level of security thanks to 256-bit encryption. It has enabled efficient programming, planning, and issue-solving. I spent so much time with the software that I discovered some features you won't find discussed on their website. They have helped me greatly in designing processes.
Editing any program is so difficult, and it quickly becomes a mess when we try to do so. It forces us to very carefully chart the data, which can be taken as a negative, but I think it's best that I know every detail before publishing a chart. The app is easily usable offline but not by design. I think if they provided an add-on that aided offline work, it would be great. Occasionally, there are random glitches that I could not get to reoccur, so the support team couldn't help me.

One of the most reliable and well-designed diagramming software I have ever used

October 2022

Christian Miles

Writing and editing

It is very flexible and easy to work with. I like that there are no limitations and you are not restricted to a single form of document or flow for your project. Anything can be modified quickly, and you can use the excellent tools already available to help you achieve your goal. The software natively interacts with Google and Microsoft, allowing you to use your already existing database to work on this software and also act as a backup. The integration is so well executed that you can actually launch the charting app from within Google Sheets or Google Docs, which I found to be extremely helpful.
When starting, it is best to roam around in the free version to get an idea of the software's capabilities. However, the company makes sure you don't get too comfortable with the free version, as it allows only one document to be saved. And that too is limited to just 25 MB, which is nothing if you work with lots of images.

Best software for technical diagrams

October 2022

Ranu S.

Information Technology and Services

I have instantly become a pro at using Lucidchart. They offer great training, and ease of use is their priority. It offers templates for creating diagrams based on platforms. And they have a lot of pre-built diagrams to display AWS services, Google Cloud Services, ER Diagram models, and more. It's simple to connect the blocks; all you have to do is draw a line from one point to another.
Exporting files outside the software rarely works; it just doesn't do anything upon clicking. Also, there’s no real way to export the files to another online software you might be working with.

Great for beginners

October 2022


Apparel and fashion

I've been using it for more than 4 years and have used it for both professional and academic purposes, as well as for my own projects. I found the flowchart creation intuitive and simple to use and even a novice can utilize it. No prior knowledge is required in order to comprehend the platform.
What I don't like is that internet access is required to use it at all times. Additionally, the free edition has a 60-item restriction, beyond which editing the document is no longer possible.

It's an ideal application to work on

October 2022



There are way too many features that I love about this software. The layer option, for example, is a really useful feature that resembles Photoshop. Even though it's a simple feature, it's still useful to have for this kind of software.
The layer feature needs updating. For instance, if I construct the background layer last, I cannot move it behind the other two levels when I have three layers total, one of which is a background picture.

Lucidchart is a convenient tool for creating diagrams

October 2022


Financial services

It has been very simple to use, and work can be done or accessed from anywhere since it is web-based software. It contains a huge collection of shapes and templates, and you can edit a template to suit your needs.
The fact that it is entirely online can make it a bit hard to work with. Sometimes you may want to do some work offline, but it simply isn't possible.

One of the best flow mapping experience

October 2022

Micheal S.

Chemical industry

The software is simple to use and efficiently completes all tasks. Most browsers typically have a lot of problems, but this one works super smoothly. You can construct a process flow map and make it appear professional with very little work.
I really have no problems with this software. It has all that I need and gets the task done well. The functions that are available have only been partially utilized.

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