Discover the power of visual thinking with MindManager. Transform complex ideas into actionable tasks, foster collaboration, and drive productivity. With scalable solutions and secure data management, MindManager is your partner in strategic planning and project execution. Elevate your business to new heights today.

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What Is MindManager?


MindManager is a mind-mapping software that enables users to visualize information in mind maps. It can create flowcharts and timelines, aiding the organization of ideas, projects, or businesses. The platform lets users capture images, links, and text notes through various platforms like desktop, Chrome browser, or mobile device.

What Is MindManager Best For?

MindManager's ability to help users discover non-obvious solutions is one of its strongest features. This capability concerns the software's ability to visually represent complex ideas. It enables users to see connections and find creative relationships that might be overlooked. Visualizing information in a mind map allows users to identify patterns that aren't immediately apparent in text-based formats.

MindManager Pricing

The software offers four pricing tiers, allowing users to choose the most suitable plan for their business. The MindManager pricing plans include the following:

  • Essentials - $99.00/year
  • Professional - $179.00/year
  • One-Time Purchase - $369.00
  • Enterprise - Custom
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Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

MindManager Integrations

The software integrates with several Microsoft products, including Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and Excel. MindManager project management also integrates with other third-party storage systems, such as:

  • iCloud
  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • Jira
  • Zapier
  • Octa

How Does MindManager Work?

You can get started with MindManager by following these simple steps:

  • Use your MindManager credentials to log in to the dashboard
  • Click on 'File' in the top menu, then select 'New' to choose from several map templates, or you can start with a blank map
  • Start adding topics by clicking on the central topic and type to rename it
  • Click on the 'Insert' tab and select 'New Topic' to add a new branch to your map
  • Customize your map by choosing the color and shape of your topics, add notes or links, and even attach files
  • Go to 'File' > 'Save As', choose a location, and give your map a name
  • Share your map with others after exporting it as a PDF or image or by inviting others to view or edit it online
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Who Is MindManager For?

MindManager is particularly popular among business professionals, project managers, and software development teams. The following industries use it:

  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Business
  • Arts

Is MindManager Right For You?

Teams working in industry-leading companies like Dow, P&G, and EDC trust MindManager. Its integrated mind mapping and real-time communication tools assist in creating ideal project plans. Moreover, the software takes robust measures to protect your data. It complies with industry-standard security protocols, ensuring that your information is safe.

Meanwhile, the software's scalability makes it an excellent option for individuals and teams of any size. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or part of a large corporation managing complex projects, it can adjust to fit your needs.

If you'd like to discuss if MindManager is the right fit, contact us at (661) 384-7070 to discuss with our live representative.

MindManager Features

The software helps users to create customizable reports, keeping stakeholders informed about project progress and status. Its user-friendly templates help maintain transparency and ensure everyone can access the necessary information.

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MindManager software allows users to create mind maps and charts to visually organize information. It helps in brainstorming, problem-solving, decision-making, and data organization. The platform is especially useful when dealing with complex projects or ideas that need clear visualization for better understanding.

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This feature enhances the utility of mind maps by allowing users to incorporate detailed information directly linked to each topic. The software makes it easier for users to capture and manage complex information and simplifies sharing and collaboration.

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Users can visualize their budget allocations and forecast the financial outcomes of their projects with this functionality. By laying out all the cost factors in a visual map, users can see how different budget decisions affect their project plan. Additionally, MindManager includes a project cost-tracking feature that lets users add individual costs to their project maps.

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The platform allows multiple users to edit a map simultaneously, enhancing real-time collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page. It is particularly useful for strategic planning for teams working remotely.

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Pros and Cons of MindManager


  • Easy to sync data with different third-party apps
  • Variety of options to visualize data
  • Significant gains with budget management tools
  • Integrated task management with project management tools


  • Might be expensive for some users
  • Steep learning curve, according to MindManager reviews
  • The software posts adverts on laptop screen that users might find intrusive

MindManager Pricing



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What's Included

  • Web - All major web browsers

  • Multiple diagram types & layouts

  • Template library

  • Themes & customization

  • Project planning & task management

  • Multiple viewing modes

  • Publishing & sharing of published maps

  • Help - Online & Local

  • Support for online storage



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What's Included

  • All Essentials plan features, and

  • Desktop Windows & Mac

  • Advanced Project planning & task management

One-Time Purchase


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What's Included

  • All Professional plan features, and

  • Content control

  • SharePoint Linker



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What's Included

  • Optional training & consulting services

  • Volume license discounts

  • Premium dedicated support

  • Large-scale deployment capabilities

  • IT admin portal

  • Single-key & single sign-on (SSO) activation

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