ProWorkflow Software

What is ProWorkflow?


ProWorkflow is a cloud-based project management software that provides comprehensive capabilities for organizations of varying sizes and industries. It features time tracking, task management, customizable templates, real-time staff availability, file sharing, contact management, workflow management, and advanced reporting to streamline project delivery and facilitate effective collaboration. 

The software comes with a project management dashboard that provides a graphical overview of ongoing projects. Its built-in messaging app also enables teams to chat, send documents, and receive notifications in real time. ProWorkflow software is accessible through desktop and mobile app versions, on a variety of devices, operating systems, and browsers. 

What is ProWorkflow Best For?

ProWorkflow is best known for its search function which enables users to efficiently look for archived projects. Users also appreciate its bulk task editor which allows them to create and delegate tasks, set project deadlines, track work statuses, and stay on top of overall project progress. Its project management dashboard provides a clear overview of ongoing projects and updates, allowing managers to make informed decisions and take quick action when necessary. 

ProWorkflow Pricing

ProWorkflow offers both monthly and annual pricing options for their cloud-based project management software. The annual option gives a 10% discount. There are two pricing plans available: Professional and Advanced. 

The Professional plan is priced at $20 per month per user with no user limit and offers comprehensive project and task management with unlimited projects and 25 GB file storage. 

The Advanced plan of ProWorkflow cost $30 per month per user, with a minimum of 5 users, and is perfect for large teams. It provides hierarchical control to manage multiple teams and groups and includes unlimited projects and 50 GB of file storage. 

Not sure which ProWorkflow pricing plan is the best fit for your business? Get a pricing guide tailored for your organization by clicking the "Get Pricing" button now! 

ProWorkflow Integrations

ProWorkflow offers seamless integrations with a variety of third-party applications, including: 

  • Accounting software: ProWorkflow project management software supports integration with popular accounting software, such as Xero, Quickbooks, and MYOB AccountRight. 
  • File storage and sharing platforms: It also integrates with popular file storage and sharing platforms like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. 

Additionally, the software connects with Kashflow and Zapier and offers an API for custom integrations.  

How does ProWorkflow Work?

The software is accessible through various devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones running on different operating systems like Android, Windows, and iOS. Here’s how you can get started with ProWorkflow software:  

  1. Sign up for an account on the ProWorkflow website. 
  2. Once you have an account, log in to the dashboard. 
  3. Familiarize yourself with the ProWorkflow interface and explore the various features and options available to you. 
  4. Create a project by clicking the “Create Project” button and filling in the necessary information, such as the project name, description, and due date. 
  5. Invite team members to collaborate on the project by clicking on “Add People” and entering their email addresses. 
  6. Assign tasks to specific team members and set deadlines. 
  7. Use the time-tracking ProWorkflow feature to keep track of the time spent on each task and generate reports to analyze team performance. 
  8. Use the messaging feature to communicate with team members and keep everyone informed on the project's progress. 
  9. Customize your ProWorkflow experience by exploring the different options and settings available to you. 
  10. Take advantage of the ProWorkflow project management tool support resources, such as the knowledge base and community forum, to get help and advice from other users. 

Who is ProWorkflow For?

ProWorkflow caters to a wide range of organizations and industries. It is designed specifically for project teams, operations staff, and senior executives, making it a versatile tool for companies of all sizes that offer professional services. The software is particularly popular in the creative and marketing industry, but it is also widely used in other sectors, such as government, non-profits, technology, IT, education, and healthcare. 

ProWorkflow Features

  • Project Dashboard 
    ProWorkflow software offers a powerful Project Dashboard feature that provides an integrated and centralized view of all projects, enabling managers and team members to quickly assess their progress. The dashboard allows effortless navigation between project lists and offers the ability to sort projects based on their current stage. Moreover, it enables users to stay organized, informed, and on top of project schedules. 
  • Task Scheduling 
    ProWorkflow Task Scheduling feature allows users to add tasks to ongoing projects and assign them to relevant team members. The inline task and to-do list features simplify the task management process, while templates for recurring tasks provide added efficiency. Overall, it offers a flexible and user-friendly solution for managing project tasks and ensuring a smooth workflow.  
  • Gantt Charts 
    Gantt Charts provide a visual representation of employee workload and project timelines. This feature allows a detailed view of each user's pending tasks, ensuring a balanced workload for all team members. The Gantt view also displays task dependencies, enabling early detection of bottlenecks or delays and facilitating proactive problem-solving. 
  • Employee Performance 
    The application comes with an Employee Performance feature that provides valuable insights into employee productivity, enabling managers to track time and monitor progress. Managers can effectively evaluate the performance of each employee and see the tasks they are working on. The software also generates updated timesheets and progress reports that can be accessed directly from the dashboard. 

How is ProWorkflow Different from Other Software?

Some of the key features that set ProWorkflow apart from other similar products include: 

Mobile Accessibility: ProWorkflow sets itself apart from other project management software by offering a comprehensive mobile application that allows users to manage projects and tasks from anywhere, at any time. The app allows users to track time, manage tasks, download files, and keep teams updated on the go, providing them with maximum flexibility and productivity. 

Customization Options: The application provides users with the ability to customize their accounts to match their company's branding and logo. This includes the ability to modify the appearance, adjust color schemes, and configure the platform to meet their specific needs. 

Advanced Time Tracking: ProWorkflow includes a user-friendly timesheet system that leverages drag-and-drop technology. The platform also offers a timer for bulk time entry, configurable working hours, automated time tracking, widgets, and more. This helps users keep track of resources, and project deadlines, and stay informed of project tasks and activities with live alerts. 

API Integration: The software offers a robust API that allows businesses to build custom apps, integrations, and reports. Users can easily create offline apps, integrate with third-party apps, share data, and streamline workflows for maximum efficiency. 

Is ProWorkflow Right for You?

ProWorkflow reviews highlight its robust features, with subscribers particularly appreciating its mobile application and customization options. The platform's drag-and-drop timesheet technology and live alerts for project tasks and activities are also frequently cited as key benefits, as they help users stay informed and on track with their projects.  

We highly recommend opting for the ProWorkflow demo version to determine if ProWorkflow project management is the right fit for you. 

ProWorkflow Pricing Breakdown

  • Professional
  • Advanced
20 / user/mo.
No user limit
30 / user/mo.
Min 5 users
What’s included
(Suitable for startups)
What’s included
(Perfect for large teams)
  • SSL security
  • Backups
  • ProWorkflow Mobile
  • iCal Integration
  • Projects Archive
  • General Expenses
  • Project Timeline
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Quick Email
  • Invoice Templates
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Custom Reports Builder
  • Roles/Permissions
Everything in Professional plan, plus
  • Internal Projects
  • Internal Project Requests
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Forms
  • Divisions Editor
  • Organizational Chart
  • Project Templates
  • Project Status Editor

ProWorkflow Software offers customized pricing based on users and specialty. Click here to get a custom quote.

ProWorkflow Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

ProWorkflow Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

ProWorkflow Software reviews

Overall Rating

35 Reviews


Working Great so far!

January 2023


United Voice

Its a great project management solution that has resolved several workflow challenges for our company. The help has also been fantastic. The training, general customer care, and support, much exceed our expectations. We highly suggest this software.

Awesome Project Management Software!

January 2023



ProWorkflow empowers businesses to take on more projects and add to their revenue stream.

Good invoicing solution for Small Teams

January 2023


Terry marketing

Managers can view all updates and reports from a single screen which allows them to take quick action whenever it is needed.
Customer support service is poor.

Cost effective project management solution

December 2022


Miller landscape architecture

This software has helped us stay organized during difficult situations. It is good in managing the workload.
The option to view the project locations on the map has been removed that is annoying.

The perfect fit to our company

December 2022


Element consultants Ltd

It has helped us handle our business workflow, invoicing and task management.


November 2022


Ideal user

The users feedback is appreciated that is great.


November 2022


Daniel and sons

This software has strong communication ties with third party vendors.


October 2022



The managers can see which team members are online and what task they are working on with the time tracking feature.
Login and logout takes time.

Best PM Software Hands Down

September 2022



It helps in finding the resources. It mark the dependencies label that makes the collaboration easier.

My favourite

September 2022


Vice president

The learning curve of this software is normal. It has straightforward set up.

Just ok

August 2022


Marrow Inn

The all data is safe and secure from internal and external threats that is best aspect about it.

User friendly

August 2022



Their logo is pretty eye-catching.
It requires to update itself.

Awesome Platform

July 2022


Technology expert

It has time tracking and resource allocation capabilities to facilitate companies of all sizes.
It does not copy the correct rate or assigns the same option for all files.

Soild tool for project management

July 2022



This software provides the real time staff availability so managers can effectively schedule the tasks.

Flexible and Efficient

June 2022


The communicators, inc

It allows users for customization of templates. It is efficient in reporting as well.
Setting up the profitability reports might take some time.

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