Runtime is a comprehensive solution that sustains a company’s image by ensuring top-quality work. It was primarily designed as an HRM solution, but now Runtime incorporates project management and performance management capabilities too. As a result, it is a leading platform that helps transform the norms of business operations by streamlining the office workflow. 

This software manages a wide spectrum of processes, such as employee onboarding, payroll setting, employee geo-tracking, and attendance tracking. Runtime secures critical data by complying with security protocols like 256-bit SHA-hashed passwords. The self-service mobile apps also offer efficient human resources and payroll automation solutions. 

Runtime Software Features

Project Management

Runtime administers top-class project management services. It manages projects thoughtfully by creating tasks, assigning them, and capturing timesheets for progress tracking. In addition, users can add new projects and label them as internal or external projects. 

Besides that, the runtime project management software provides smart, automated functions to mitigate the need for manual task processing. Additionally, project managers can be designated so they can foresee overall project progress. 

Payroll Management

With this software, there’s no need to scroll through lengthy Excel sheets. Instead, it efficiently deals with the payroll management process. From tracking employees' attendance to managing leaves, approving loans, and much more, everything is easily managed with Runtime. 

Moreover, Runtime automates payroll by calculating an employee’s salary through timesheets, and it even distributes pay slips with a single click. In addition, salary components like deductibles, overtime, and late penalties are customizable for effective salary payments. 

Employee Self-service

The employee self-service feature enables a friendly work environment for all employees. It also reduces manual work, provides employees with timely access to relevant data, and streamlines operational workflow. Hence, runtime project management software allows employees to carry out HRM tasks effortlessly. 

Team members do not need to reach out to the reporting manager. Instead, they just need to log in to the self-service mobile app or web portal. As a result, employees can mark their attendance, view HR policies, and apply for holidays without any hassle. 

Runtime Pricing

Runtime features scalable pricing plans that range from basic to professional. You can click on the "Get Pricing" button above for a detailed insight into both cost plans. 

Runtime Demo

This software offers a free demo that is specifically helpful for its HRM services. You can access it by clicking the "Watch Demo" button above. 

Runtime Reviews

Multiple reviews of Runtime also verify its excellence. It is titled "the leading platform for handling the administrative side of businesses." Reviews suggest that managing employees, following project timelines, and boosting businesses' performance is much simpler with Runtime. Above all, the employee self-service feature is lauded the most in the customer reviews. 

Our Thoughts

When it comes to HRM solutions, Runtime's human resource and payroll automation solutions are off the charts. It is an effective solution that effectively handles the core administrative processes of businesses. This software also allows clients to administer tasks and manage payrolls with 100% accuracy, which makes it noteworthy.

Runtime Features


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Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


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Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


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Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Runtime support an API?

Yes, the software supports an API.

How does Runtime work?

A Runtime is a piece of code that implements aspects of the execution paradigm of a computer language. This permits the application to interact with the computer resources it requires to function.

What is Runtime used for?

A Runtime is a piece of code that implements aspects of the execution paradigm of a computer language.

What level of support does Runtime offer?

The software offers email, help desk, chat, and phone support.

What other apps does Runtime integrate with?

Azure SQL, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Storage Accounts.

What types of pricing plans does Runtime offer?

The price of the software depends on the products and services you choose. To obtain a pricing quote for Runtime software, click the "Get Pricing" button above.

Who are the typical users of Runtime?

The typical users of Runtime are businesses with an employee strength of 20.

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Runtime reviews

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