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Stackby is a cloud-based work management software that uses customizable spreadsheet-style databases to keep users' data, teams, and processes in sync. 

Without coding or expertise, Stackby software combines the flexibility of spreadsheets, the strength of databases, the capabilities of built-in integration spreadsheets, and the top business APIs (YouTube, Google Analytics, Facebook, Clearbit, and others) on a single new configurable canvas. Stackby is simple to use, connects to over 2000+ apps with ease, and is completely customized for users' businesses. 

Stackby Software Feature

Cloud Databases

Stackby project management creates and deploys databases without the use of code or training. Use one of our 100+ templates to create bespoke tools for business or personal use. A tailored online database optimizes productivity and saves time and resources. It's as simple as a spreadsheet and as powerful as a database. Users may construct anything they want, their way, with over 25+ various column types and complete flexibility. 

Users can also take it to the next level with infinite workflow automation. From anywhere, collaborate with the user's team on every record. In Slack, users may talk with their teammates, create checklists, and even schedule reminders. Keep up with their efforts. 

Customize Marketing Campaigns

In a single location, users can plan marketing campaigns, establish content and social media calendars, manage content production, and automatically track user marketing reporting. 

Automation, CRM, and Sales

Users can use software designed specifically for their business needs to keep cross-functional sales teams in sync and to do monotonous and time-consuming tasks. It centralizes users' sales teams and data, reducing the likelihood of errors in their workflows.

Project Administration

Teams use Stackby to manage simple to complicated projects and keep their work moving ahead. Customize it to meet the demands of the users in order to plan, organize, automate, and report all in one spot. 

Human Resource Administration

The HR team can use Stackby to track candidates, manage the recruiting process, onboard new workers, integrate all HR assets, and streamline everything in the user team as it grows. 

Processes of Operations

With Stackby's operations management solutions, users can maintain their company profitability and empower every department to do their work efficiently. 

Stackby Pricing

Stackby provides free personal, business, and enterprise plans. Click on ‘Get Pricing’ to get a custom Stackby price quote for your requirements. 

Stackby Demo

Users can test it out for a free Stackby software demo. Click on ‘Watch Demo’ to experience Stackby features and services. 

Stackby Reviews

Over 10,000 highly effective teams from 150+ countries, including Honest, Alchemy Digital Media, Halo Digital, and many more, rely on Stackby. It was awarded 4.8 stars by G2 Crowd (High Performer in Project Management Software, No-code application development, and 6 other categories), 4.9 stars by Product Hunt, 4.9 stars by Capterra, and was designated a YourStory Tech30 in India for 2020. 

Our Thoughts

Stackby is a collaborative spreadsheet-database hybrid that allows anyone to develop and automate workflows using third-party applications. It controls and tracks the work of users' teams in a single flexible collaborative platform. 

Stackby Software Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Stackby support an API?

Yes, Stackby has an API available for use.

Does Stackby support mobile devices?

Stackby supports the following devices: Android, iPad, and iPhone.

How does Stackby work?

It is as easy to use as a spreadsheet, works like a database, connects quickly to more than 2,000 apps, and is completely customized for your company. There is no requirement for training to begin.

What is Stackby used for?

Stackby is a comprehensive cloud-based job management tool.

What level of assistance does Stack Overflow provide?

The following support channels are provided by Stackby: chat, 24/7 live reps, email, help desk, FAQs and forums, and knowledge base.

What other apps does Stackby integrate with?

Pebbly Connect, Make, Serpstat, Google Analytics 360, Zapier, Ahrefs, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Twitter, Google Search Console, Slack, Google Ads, LinkedIn for Business, Meta for Business, Semrush, Mailchimp, and Google Sheets are among the programs that Stackby interfaces with.

What types of pricing plans does StackBy offer?

Click on ‘Get Pricing’ button above to get a custom price for your organizational requirements.

Who are the typical users of Stackby?

The following are typical Stackby clients: Large companies, mid-sized businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and small businesses.

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Stackby Software reviews

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