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What is eBillity Time Tracker Software?


eBillity Time Tracker is a timekeeping solution for businesses of all sizes. It is an easy and economical system for capturing staff time to perform payroll, send invoices to clients, and manage. You can effortlessly monitor your employees' hours in any circumstance with adjustable time-tracking options and configurable settings. For example, start a timer from any gadget, clock in upon entrance at work, add time in columns using the weekly logbook, or design and share a calendar with your team. 

What is eBillity Time Tracker best for?

eBillity Time Tracker software has all the features you need to boost productivity and profits. Your fully equipped account can adapt to match the needs of your business, whether it is a week-long timesheet, an up-to-the-minute timer, or a basic time card. To test out the features for yourself, you can schedule a time tracker demo or get a free trial. Please click the ‘Watch Demo’ button on this page to get more details. 

eBillity Time Tracker Pricing

eBillity time tracker offers a variety of pricing plans to suit the needs of businesses of any size. The Time Tracker cost basic plan is perfect for small teams, offering a single user and unlimited projects with weekly timesheets and invoicing. The Plus plan builds on the features of the Basic plan, adding multiple users and advanced reporting capabilities. The Professional plan is ideal for larger teams, providing additional user access, comprehensive project tracking and management capabilities, as well as automatic payroll processing. 

Furthermore, eBillity time tracker provides an Enterprise plan for organizations that require more robust features such as team availability view, API access, and customizable dashboards for increased visibility into their operations. For business owners looking for even more customization options, eBillity time tracker offers an array of add-on services such as custom branding, third-party integrations, training sessions to get the most out of their software usage experience, and enhanced support options. With time tracker pricing plans you can customize your service according to your budget while taking advantage of all the features it has to offer. Whether you are a business owner running a small team or managing large organizations spanning multiple continents - there is an eBillity time tracker package specifically designed to fit your specific needs.

eBillity Time Tracker Integrations

The software can integrate with 

  • ADP 
  • CPACharge 
  • Clio 
  • Gusto 
  • Invoice Tracker 
  • LawPay 
  • Myob 
  • Paychex Flex 
  • QuickBooks 
  • Reckon

How does eBillity Time Tracker Work?

Your team will be able to maintain timekeeping for payroll and billing in a simplified manner with Time Tracker by eBillity. Users can tailor the app to their company's specific requirements. You can easily modify your dashboard for greater insights and better prioritizing, as well as incorporate add-on services like expenditure tracking and customer invoicing.  

Who is eBillity Time Tracker for?

Time Tracker project management software is feasible for small business owners, freelancers, and remote teams who want to increase efficiency and accuracy in tracking their hours. It is also a great tool for employees who need to track their time accurately and submit reports on time.  

eBillity Time Tracker Software Features

Flexible Time Tracking

With geolocation functionality, you can keep a reliable and accurate record of workers' whereabouts in real time. Regularly synced data simplifies validating the location of previous time entries. The platform allows for the storage of GPS employee data for up to two months once it records and saves time entries. It is also simple to map time for all entries thanks to the 'On the Clock' feature. This means you will be able to see who is on the clock and where they are at any given moment.

Employee Scheduling

The employee scheduling features of Time Tracker software are comprehensive and powerful. It allows for automated employee time tracking, including start and end times, with accurate tracking of total worked hours, overtime hours, vacation hours, and more. Its customizable views allow you to quickly review employee availability or scheduled shifts and assign open shifts to employees as needed. Most importantly, the dashboard provides a real-time overview of all employee-related activities.

Payroll and Accounting Integrations

eBillity Time Tracker offers powerful payroll and accounting integrations. These integrations simplify the process of transferring employee hours from Time Tracker to payroll or accounting software. You can also sync employee time cards with programs like QuickBooks to ensure the accuracy and automation of your payment processing. These integrations make it easier for you to manage payroll, track expenses, and ensure timely payments to employees.

Project Tracking

The project tracking feature allows for managing multiple projects and tasks. You can easily track project progress in real-time, ensuring timely and within-budget completion of tasks. The integrated time tracking capabilities allow you to assign tasks to individuals with accurate time estimates. This helps you manage resources efficiently, identify risks, and develop strategies for the successful completion of projects.

Branded Invoices

The software enables users to create professional-looking invoices for customers. You can customize the logo, color scheme, and font to reflect your company's brand identity. The invoices are automatically generated with the correct rate and hours worked, ensuring accuracy and convenience. You can also add taxes and discounts as needed. This feature is useful for the easy management of billing operations while presenting a consistent, professional look to clients.

Mobile Application

eBillity Time Tracker's mobile app makes it easy to stay in control of your project from anywhere. You can track time, manage projects, and review reports all from your mobile device. The app is user-friendly and has a modern design with intuitive navigation, allowing users to quickly access information. With its push notifications, automatic backups, and secure cloud-based data storage, it has never been easier to stay up to date on your projects wherever you go. 

Is eBillity Time Tracker Software Right for Me?

It is an ideal software system if you are seeking a solution for project and invoice management. With features such as time tracking, task management, and reporting, it comes with a user-friendly, customizable, and secure interface. Whether you need to manage small or large-scale projects or have a few or many employees, Time Tracker project management can help streamline your operations while providing you with the data you need to make smart decisions quickly.  

eBillity Time Tracker Software Pricing

  • Time Tracker
  • Time Tracker
  • LawBillity
7.20 / user/mo.
$12 per month base fee
12 / user/mo.
$20 per month base fee
24 / user/mo.
No base fee
What’s included
What’s included
What’s included
  • Free payroll & accounting integrations
  • Time tracking
  • GPS & geofencing
  • Time clock kiosk with facial recognition
  • Timesheet approval
  • Employee schedule
  • Free mobile application
  • Real-person support
All Time Trackerfeatures +
  • Job costing
  • Project tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Client invoicing
  • Client invoice portal
  • Online payments
All Premium features +
  • Realization reports
  • ABA codes
  • Legal invoicing format
  • Trust accounts
  • Conflict checker
  • All mentioned prices are based on yearly billing

Time Tracker Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Managementt


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Easy-to-use interface and resource management capabilities
  • Automated reminders and notifications help keep teams on track
  • Detailed reports on team progress make it easier for managers to evaluate progress
  • Mobile app makes it easy to manage projects on the go


  • Can be difficult to switch from a different time tracking system
  • Monthly subscription can add up for larger teams
  • Onboarding process may take more time than other software options
  • Some users report bugs or glitches in the mobile app experience

Time Tracker Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

Time Tracker reviews

Overall Rating

4 Reviews


Excellent interface with exceptional billing features!

March 2023

Sasha P.

Computer Software

At face value, this is software that gets the job done. The interface is straightforward, and because we can bill to so many different buckets of things, we can make our weekly breakdowns as convoluted or as simple to comprehend and bill the clients as we like. It allows users to record time in the manner that suits them and their level of detail. Other than this, it does help us in managing our tasks promptly. As the name suggests, it truly is a time tracker. It lets the workflow remain unspoiled by the lot.
It's a minor point, to be honest, but the comment boxes where I enter all of my time descriptions are quite small and wordy. It is inconvenient since it causes me to be too fast or input many more rows than I would want to fit everything I did in a week. Also, not necessarily a negative thing, but I found very little reason to use the timer they provide because there were so many occasions when I was distracted or something more important came up that it was a pain to manage. I hope these issues are resolved soon.

Works well for long-term users

February 2023

Garth G.

Civil Engineering

It has been such a great experience using this software. For over a decade, our company manually entered time on paper time sheets, which is why this software has helped us to save time and money while also allowing our managers and owners to cut back on workers typing in more time than they should and understanding how much time is going to what jobs. The ability to segregate users and supervisors is critical to the structure of our company. Being the administrator and being able to go in and fix any user's timesheet is also advantageous.
There are a few things that I dislike about the software. The mobile app may use some work, particularly when entering time. Don't add the billable toggle at the bottom because a user should not have a customer when entering non-billable tasks.

Easy to use and full of valuable features

February 2023

Ansh R

Information Technology and Services

It is a cloud-based time tracking and billing solution that lowers administrative costs while increasing profitability. I am able to manage projects, personnel, and clients all from one location, which saves a lot of time. It has proven to be quite useful as an all-in-one timekeeping, billing, payroll, and accounting solution for my business.
It needs to improve the integration of features with each other so that it could be just a bit more intuitive. Also, it needs a lot of information to do any sort of calculations while there are much other software that does the same with far less input from the user.

Best for one-on-one research.

January 2023

Wallace D.


Time Tracker has to be one of the most intelligent timekeeping and saving software available. It is a quick and simple app that any old-timer or newbie can get the hang of pretty fast. It did assist researchers and personnel at multiple sites keep track of the time it takes to accomplish research-related tasks, particularly when working with one-on-one research participants. As a result, it aided us in more accurately defining and allocating research objectives. Overall, we have been thoroughly impressed and assisted by TimeTracker for a long time.
The software will sometimes time out, forcing you to recalculate time spent on various tasks. It was also difficult to use on phone screens, so researchers on the go had to print a paper version of their work hours and re-enter it into the app once they returned to the office. It is off-putting since the whole point of having software is to ensure things are taken care of smartly through tech, but here we are forced back to old times since the mobile app lacks in getting tasks done faster and easier. It makes you do twice the work.

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