What Is TimeTrakGO?


TimeTrakGO is a cloud-based project management software that streamlines project workflows and enhances collaboration. The software also provides reporting capabilities, allowing you to generate insightful reports and gain valuable insights into project performance.

With its intuitive interface, TimeTrackGO offers project planning, tracking, scheduling, and communication. 

What Is TimeTrakGO Best For?

One of the standout features of TimeTrakGO software is its user-friendly interface. The software simplifies user navigation, allowing task completion without confusion. TimeTrackGO is also known for its straightforward and user-friendly features, such as creating new projects, tracking progress, and generating reports. 

TimeTrakGO Pricing

  • Pricing for TimeTrakGO starts at $3/month/user 

The software also offers customizable plans for organizations.  

For more information, click Get Pricing, and our customer sales representative will help you choose a suitable subscription model. 

TimeTrakGO Integrations

TimeTrakGO does not integrate with any third-party applications. 

How Does TimeTrakGO Work?

Here are a few steps to help users get started with TimeTrakGO software: 

  • After logging into the dashboard, navigate to the "New File" section by clicking on the designated button 
  • Create a new file by providing essential project details such as the project name, start and end dates, and team members involved 
  • Assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and specify dependencies to ensure a smooth workflow 
  • Track the progress of each task by recording time spent and updating the completion status 
  • Utilize the reporting features to generate comprehensive reports that offer insights into project performance, resource allocation, and more 

For more assistance, schedule a free TimeTrakGO demo by clicking Watch Demo

Who Is TimeTrakGO For?

TimeTrakGO is a simple employee time clock solution and claims to be best suited for small businesses. However, it can be used by departments across various industries, including the following: 

  • Government 
  • Non-profit organizations 
  • IT 
  • Healthcare 

TimeTrakGO Features

Time Off Requests

TimeTrakGO simplifies time off requests by providing a streamlined system. It provides accurate time sheets and ensures correct tracking. Employees can easily submit their time-off requests through the software, while managers can review and approve them efficiently. This feature also eliminates manual paperwork. 

PTO tracking

With TimeTrakGO, tracking and managing paid time off (PTO) becomes effortless. The software lets employees view their remaining PTO balances, request time off, track hours, and receive notifications about approved or denied requests. This feature promotes transparency and helps employees stay informed about available leave. 


The scheduling feature of TimeTrakGO allows managers to easily create and maintain employee schedules. They can assign shifts, designate tasks, and make necessary adjustments.  
Employees can access their schedules, view upcoming shifts, and stay informed about changes. Efficient scheduling also fosters better communication and ensuring smooth operations. 

GPS time tracking

TimeTrakGO offers GPS time tracking, which allows businesses with mobile or remote teams to accurately monitor employee attendance and track the time of different job sites. This feature employs GPS technology for location data, providing real-time insights into employee whereabouts and ensuring accurate record-keeping. 

Reporting and Analytics

TimeTrakGO provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing users to generate comprehensive reports. These reports offer valuable insights into project performance, employee productivity, and resource utilization.  
With reporting and analystics, businesses can make data-driven decisions. It also helps identify areas for improvement, and optimize project management strategies. 

Is TimeTrakGO Right for You?

TimeTrakGO streamlines your project management processes. Its user-friendly interface, robust feature set, and comprehensive reporting capabilities empower you to effectively manage projects, increase productivity, and deliver successful outcomes.  

TimeTrakGO's commitment to security and scalability ensures that your data is protected while providing the flexibility to adapt to your evolving business needs. 

Still not sure if TimeTrakGO is the right fit for your organization? Schedule a demo by clicking Watch Demo, which will give you a free teaser of the tool. 

TimeTrakGO Pricing

  • TimeTrakGO Essential
  • TimeTrakGO PLUS
3 / month
4 / month
What’s included
(TimeTrakGO Essential features)
What’s included
(TimeTrakGO Essential and PLUS)
  • Unique Graphical Time Card
  • Time Clock Kiosk
  • Mobile Time Clock App
  • Time Off Request & Approval
  • Geofence
  • Biometric Facial Recognition
  • PTO Accrual Tracking
  • Custom Pay Codes

TimeTrakGO Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support


  • Graphical employee timecards
  • Date accurate punches
  • User-friendly interface
  • Scalable and customizable


  • Cannot monitor payroll
  • No third-party integrations are available

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does TimeTrakGO offer an API?

TimeTrakGO does not currently offer an API.

Does TimeTrakGO support mobile devices?

Yes, TimeTrakGO offers a mobile time clock app that allows users to access the software's features and functionalities on their mobile devices.

What languages does TimeTrakGO support?

TimeTrakGO supports English.

What other apps does TimeTrakGO integrate with?

TimeTrakGO does not integrate with third-party applications at the moment.

What type of pricing plans does TimeTrakGO offer?

TimeTrakGO offers two pricing plans: TimeTrakGO Essential and TimeTrakGO PLUS. The Essential plan starts at $3/month/user, while the PLUS plan is available for $4/month/user. Each plan includes different features and capabilities to cater to different business needs.

Who are the typical users of TimeTrakGO?

TimeTrakGO is designed to serve smaller businsses, including startups. It is suitable for teams and departments across various industries, including government, non-profit organizations, IT, healthcare, and more.

TimeTrakGO Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Outside Budget

Large Organization

Outside Budget

TimeTrakGO reviews

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