What Is YOOBIC? 


YOOBIC is a cloud-based project management software designed to streamline and optimize project workflows for businesses across various industries. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, YOOBIC offers a comprehensive solution and empowers your frontline employees to be more productive. 

What Is YOOBIC Best For? 

YOOBIC is best known for its seamless project management functionality and ability to effectively streamline complex workflows. By providing intuitive tools and features, YOOBIC empowers businesses to efficiently manage tasks, collaborate with teams, track progress, and meet project deadlines.  

YOOBIC Pricing 

YOOBIC software cost is flexible and tailored to each organization. Click Get Pricing for a customized pricing plan.  

YOOBIC Integrations 

YOOBIC software integrates with the following:  

  • Salesforce 
  • Sap 
  • Tableau 
  • Power BI 
  • Oracle 

How Does YOOBIC Work? 

Here’s how to start with YOOBIC software after a successful login: 

  • View the dashboard for a comprehensive overview of ongoing projects, task assignments, and upcoming deadlines 
  • Navigate through project folders, access relevant documents, and track progress through interactive visualizations 
  • Allow team members to communicate, share updates, and collaborate effectively within the platform 

To explore the full functionality and user experience of the YOOBIC demo, click Watch demo and get a visual presentation.  

Who Is YOOBIC For? 

YOOBIC software is used in various industries, including: 

  • Retail 
  • Restaurants 
  • Fashion 
  • Beauty 
  • Grocery  
  • Logistics 
  • Pharmaceuticals 

YOOBIC Features 

Here are some of the key features of YOOBIC software: 

  • Task Management  

The task management feature of YOOBIC simplifies task completion and ensures compliance for frontline teams. By digitizing checklists and audits, teams can easily monitor and handle their tasks. The centralized software platform allows streamlined task management, enabling teams to quickly adapt to new processes and stay informed about evolving regulations.  

  • Reporting And Analytics 

YOOBIC project management empowers you with robust reporting and analytics capabilities to gain valuable insights into your projects. Generate comprehensive reports, visualize project performance, track key metrics, and identify areas for improvement. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your project management strategies based on actionable insights. 

  • Project Planning 

Plan and execute projects precisely, keeping stakeholders informed and projects on schedule with YOOBIC project planning features, you can create detailed project plans, set milestones, and allocate resources effectively. Visualize project timelines, dependencies, and critical paths to comprehensively overview your project’s progress.  

  • Time Tracking 

YOOBIC offers time-tracking functionality to monitor and manage project hours effectively. Track time spent on tasks, projects, and specific activities, allowing you to analyze resource allocation and project efficiency. Gain insights into team productivity, optimize resource allocation, and ensure accurate time reporting. 

  • Collaboration Tools 

YOOBIC’s collaboration tools foster seamless communication and enhance team collaboration. Facilitate real-time discussions, share files, and provide updates within the platform. Collaborate effortlessly with team members, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned with project goals. 

Is YOOBIC Right For You? 

Are you seeking a robust project management solution combining efficiency, collaboration, and a comprehensive platform that empowers your frontline employees? Look no further than YOOBIC. Trusted by numerous clients across various industries like Logitech, Lacoste, GameStop, Puma, and Timberland.  

YOOBIC prioritizes security and scalability. It offers add-ons to further customize your experience. It has received industry recognition with prestigious awards, proving its excellence. If you still have doubts or questions about whether YOOBIC is the right fit for your organization, please contact our customer support team at (661) 384-7070 . Our dedicated team is committed to helping you make an informed decision. 

YOOBIC Pricing Plans 

YOOBIC Software pricing plans offered are flexible and customizable.  

YOOBIC Features


Access Controls/Permissions


Budget Management


Data Import/Export


Employee Management


Milestone Tracking


Planning Tools


Strategic Planning


Task Management


Visual Workflow Management


Workflow Management


Process Modeling & Designing


Real Time Reporting


Timeline Management


Activity Tracking


Remote Support



  • Streamlined task management for frontline teams 
  • Potential information overload, according to YOOBIC reviews 
  • Digitized checklists and audits for easy tracking and compliance 
  • Centralized platform for consolidated task management 
  • Intuitive interface that promotes quick adoption and user-friendly experience 
  • Robust reporting and analytics for valuable project insights 
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Does YOOBIC offer an API?

    Yes, YOOBIC offers an API.

    Does YOOBIC support mobile devices?

    Yes, YOOBIC supports mobile devices.

    What language does YOOBIC support?

    YOOBIC software supports English, French, Italian, Spanish and more.

    What level of support does YOOBIC offer?

    The software offers email and phone support.

    What other apps does YOOBIC integrate with?

    The software integrates with Salesforce, Sap, Tableau, Power BI, Oracle and more.

    What types of pricing plans does YOOBIC offer?

    The YOOBIC cost depends on your organization’s needs and size. Please click on Get Pricing for a customized pricing quote.

    Who are the typical users of YOOBIC?

    The typical users of YOOBIC software are Retail stores, restaurants, beauty salons, logistic companies, and more.

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    YOOBIC reviews

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