Rent Manager is your comprehensive property management solution, offering features like accounting, lease tracking, and maintenance management. Solve the challenges of manual tasks and financial management complexities. Transform your property management business with Rent Manager by boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and optimizing property performance.

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What is Rent Manager? 


Rent Manager software is a cloud-based solution specifically created for companies involved in the management of real estate portfolios, regardless of their size or type. This software aims to streamline various operations such as accounting and reporting, marketing, and mobile management tasks, as well as work order and maintenance management. By effectively addressing challenges related to operational efficiency, tenant communication, and overall business growth, Rent Manager has become a widely utilized tool within the real estate industry. 

Rent Manager Pricing 

Rent Manager property software provides three pricing plans designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The Basic package begins at $1 per unit per month, while the Plus package, which is highly favored, starts at $1.50 per unit per month. For those seeking more advanced features, the Premium package is available with pricing starting at $2.25 per unit per month. It's important to note that each plan has a basic minimum requirement to initiate usage. Click on Get Pricing to get a custom quote. 

Rent Manager Integrations 

Rent Manager seamlessly integrates with a wide range of third-party applications, such as Birdeye, Pay Ready, Butterfly MX, and Zego. 

Who Is Rent Manager For? 

Rent Manager software is specifically developed to meet the requirements of property management companies, regardless of their size or type. It effectively addresses the needs of various property managers, including those overseeing residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties, as well as owners and operators of single-family homes and apartment complexes, among others. This software is extensively utilized by professionals in the real estate and consumer services industries. 

Click on Watch Demo to watch Rent Manager in action and find out how it to streamline business operations. 

Is Rent Manager Right For You? 

Rent Manager is a highly acclaimed and robust platform that combines flexibility and extensive customization options. It is designed to meet the needs of professionals who require a comprehensive and scalable solution for efficient property management and streamlined operations. 

To determine if Rent Manager is the ideal software for your needs, it is recommended that you peruse Rent Manager reviews and watch the Rent Manager demo. These resources provide valuable insights from current users and offer a better understanding of the software's capabilities. 

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Rent Manager Features

Rent Manager offers robust accounting tools to streamline financial operations. It includes features like automated rent collection, vendor management, budgeting, and comprehensive reporting, allowing for efficient tracking of income, expenses, and financial performance.

The marketing and lead management feature in Rent Manager enables property managers to effectively market their vacancies. It provides tools for listing syndication, online applications, lead tracking, and tenant screening, helping to attract quality tenants and streamline the leasing process.

Rent Manager simplifies maintenance operations with features for work order tracking, vendor management, and maintenance scheduling. It allows tenants to submit requests online, tracks progress, and ensures timely resolution.

The tenant and lease management feature in Rent Manager helps manage tenant information and lease agreements. It allows for easy tenant communication, lease renewals, rent increases, and document storage.

Rent Manager offers comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities to gain insights into property performance and financial health. Users can generate customizable reports, track key performance indicators, and analyze data to make informed business decisions.

Pros and Cons of Rent Manager


  • Cloud-based convenience
  • User-friendly interface
  • Streamlined work environment
  • Highly customizable
  • Mobile app available


  • Batch transactions cannot be made
  • Lack of enough training materials

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Rent Manager offers three pricing packages, the Basic, Pro and Premium.

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