ProWorkflow was launched in 2002 and it has been leading in the field of project management since then. It is a cloud-based software with time tracking and resources allocation capabilities to facilitate companies of all industries and sizes. In addition to the traditional project management features, it offers timesheets, task management, built-in templates, automated alerts, file sharing, contact management, workflow management, reporting, and much more. ProWorkflow provides staff availability in real-time so managers can effectively schedule tasks. 

The software has a project management dashboard that provides a summary of all current projects in graphical form. It allows easy collaboration and multiple users can work on the same task at the same time. There is a built-in messaging app which means teams can chat, send documents and receive notifications related to project communication. ProWorkflow has a desktop version and it is mobile-friendly too. It can be accessed from any smart device, operating system or browser. 

ProWorkflow Pricing: The software offers Professional, Advanced, and Enterprise plans to its users and they are billed monthly. The pricing begins at $20 per staff user. Contractor access is included in all plans and users can add unlimited projects with any package. There is no free version but vendors can be requested for a free trial. 

ProWorkflow Project Management Pros: Businesses can become organized with the structured dashboards and enhanced visibility. Managers can view al updates and reports from a single screen which allows them to take quick action whenever it is needed. There are templates included in the files which are easily customizable. ProWorkflow empowers businesses to take on more projects and add to their revenue stream. 

ProWorkflow Project Management Cons: There are some issues with the invoices when ProWorkflow is synchronized with other enterprise systems. It does not copy the correct rate or assigns the same option for all files. The file sharing capabilities are limited too and files larger than 1GB cannot be attached directly to the task.  

Highlighted Features 

Project Dashboard: There is a unified project dashboard that allows managers and other team members to get a quick overview of their project. They can move from one list to another and sort projects based on their current stages. The dashboard summarizes information related to pending tasks which helps managers stay informed and schedule work in such a way that the deadline is always met. 

Task Scheduling: The software lets users add tasks to ongoing projects and assign them to the relevant person. There are a lot of ways to schedule tasks and the inline task add feature simplifies the process even further. There are to-do lists where users can paste items from their clipboard and let ProWorkflow turn them into tasks. The software comes with templates to create recurring tasks without having to change the settings every time. 

Gantt Charts: It becomes difficult to manage workflows for all employees without having knowledge of their availability. ProWorkflow has a Gantt view that shows each user’s current workload and maps out their pending tasks. View information in detail including task dependencies so no one employee is overburdened. The Gantt charts highlight critical timelines and pathways for all projects so any bottlenecks or delays can be caught early on. 

Employee Status: Managers can see which staff members are online and what task they are working on with the time tracking feature. They get updated timesheets and progress reports on their dashboard which helps them evaluate each employee’s productivity. The tasks and project pages include the latest information which can be shared with stakeholders or clients with the click of a button.

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