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Replicon is a platform for project management that helps teams uncover hidden opportunities and increase their business efficiency. Organizations can leverage this tool to increase their revenue generation by streamline all project-related activities. Businesses can improve their processes and target higher efficiencies with an agile, scalable, configurable, and mobile solution. 

The software provides complete visibility and insight into project metrics related to the time, expenses, costs and performance of employees. Replicon enables teams to keep projects under budget and submit them on time. The interface is user-intuitive and decked in modern design elements to facilitate faster adoption. It delivers accurate information related to all aspects of the project and allows users to monitor their billable hours. Managers have the opportunity make informed decisions by relying on the accurate data generated by its analysis tools. 

The solution can cater to multi-level projects by defining stages or milestones and setting up the budgetary plan for each one. Replicon facilitates end-to-end processes and streamlines all activities. It allows tracking of project status, monitoring the budget, WIP and using all the information to identify gaps in the strategy. Replicon also allows users to combine similar projects into a single program for better control and visibility. 

Replicon has adopted a very modern approach for project management design and it cater to businesses of all scales and industries. Small startups and large enterprises can integrate their systems with the software and fast-track the project status. The costs, bills and other information is automatically updated reducing the possibility of human error. 

Replicon Pricing: Replicon offers several paid packages depending on the number of users and company size. There is no free version but interested parties can avail the free trial to test out the product. 

Replicon Project Management Pros: The software suite unifies all project management related tasks and uses time tracking features to give managers complete visibility. Business leaders have more control over the outcome and can make informed decisions. It is easy to use and the inclusion of remote workers encourages adoption by all employees. Users can customize their experience according to the location, group and workforce requirements. 

Replicon Project Management Cons: The software can be overwhelming at first and it has a steep learning curve that requires users to get acclimated with the wide range of features. Customer support can help with any issues but it takes time for employees to get used to the new interface and onboarding new team members takes longer than usual.  

Highlighted Features 

Project Monitoring: Organizations can manage their jobs and track all relevant tasks in whatever way they want. There are tools available to set up complex workbench structures and monitor all costs, time spent and resources utilized. Replicon ensures projects are within the budget and time constraints by maximizing resource allocation and achieving the revenue targets. The project settings allow the application of multi-level rates and maximize client billing. Users have complete control of project delivery and get real-time updates.  

Flexible Timesheets: The timesheets allow capturing the activities, tasks and spending on all projects. The interface is optimized so users can document the number of hours they spend on each activity. It has customizable options to edit timesheets and the software can verify the workflows. There are options to analyze, review and cleanse the sheets and the software upholds the highest business standards. 

Mobile Versions: Replicon has a mobile version as well which provides quick access to the platform on any device so users can update timesheets or view progress on the move. The app sends push notifications to alert users on any pending task. It has face and fingerprint recognition capabilities to ensure data security.

Replicon Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews


Best Solution to all our managing problems.

September 2021


Tactical Security Consultants

Replicon's clear interface and intuitive structure make time-tracking chores straightforward and easy. Replicon has proven to be particularly useful to our company in project management as well as other departments.
The drop-downs where you select the Program/Project to post time to is a little daunting at first but pretty useful once you get the hang of it.

Needs improvement!

September 2021


Independent Project Managers

This tool is great since it allows you to add custom fields and then sort and report on any of them.
It appears to be sloppy. I emailed the support desk to see if they could assist, but they stated they couldn't.

Exactly what we needed!

August 2021



Replicon was really simple to set up, and all employees, regardless of computer abilities, were able to be up and running immediately. Billing is also quick and easy. We'd never been able to get a rapid breakdown of hours and expenditures for any project, at any moment, for any duration before Replicon. We Approve this product.
This product appeals to me, and I can't think of anything I dislike about it.

Average Performance

July 2021


Information Technology and Services

It's simple to use, add tasks, and the user interface is great. It's also easy to manage users, tasks, and so on.
A report with the integrity to determine user log in and use should be available so that license renewals are correct for the number of employees. Also, I dislike the fact that certain pages in my reports have inconsistent margins.

Nice Experience with Replicon.

June 2021


Jewish Family & Children's Service

It's a useful tool for our company with a user-friendly interface that I enjoy. When attempting to organize meetings or coordinate schedules with various employees, Replicon has come in handy on several occasions.
A report with the integrity to determine user log in and use should be available.

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