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Sendinblue Software is a cloud-based marketing tool that enables businesses to prepare and disseminate their email and SMS marketing campaigns. The software has been around for a while and has since then added a lot of tools and features which are different from what it had available previously. 

The software allows users to do everything related to their marketing email and SMS campaigns. From designing the campaign to executing it by sending it to the client base. The software is easy to use and used by thousands of businesses across the globe. 

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Contact Management

Users can easily maintain contact lists and add to them to grow them further as well as nurture old contacts. 

Email Campaigns

Design and execute marketing campaigns that are interactive all on the software itself. 

SMS Campaigns

 Design interactive SMS campaigns that is relevant to your customer base. 

Mobile-Friendly Campaigns

 Sendinblue allows users to create email and SMS campaigns that are mobile-friendly and display on mobile devices perfectly. 

Preview and Schedule

Users can preview their emails and SMS before they send them to their customer base as well as be able to schedule emails and SMSes to go out later. 

Analyzing Data

Users can analyze data such as click rates and success rates of their marketing campaigns as well as their ROI on their marketing investment. 

Integration Capabilities

 Easily integrate Sendinblue to other software you use such as Outlook, and more! 

Sendinblue Pricing

The price for Sendinblue depends on the number of emails you send. The base price for the software starts at $25 a month and increases according to the functionalities you choose to have. 

Free Trial

There is a free trial of this software available which you can try out before buying. The software also has a free version with limited tools. 


Users can build newsletters within the software to help them improve their marketing strategy and be more effective. 

Sendinblue’s inbox keeps a history of a user’s conversation with their customer which helps maintain better customer relations as a whole. 


The customer support for Sendinblue is not great and is not available 24/7. If the customer service center is located in a different timezone than you, it can make it even more difficult to get in touch. 

The sizing of pictures in your emails can at times cause issues that can be very inconvenient. 

The software can cause a lot of issues when you are newly using it because of the complicated onboarding process. 

Sendinblue can prove to be a good choice for you if you are looking for email and SMS marketing software that can streamline the entire process for you. 

There are a few Sendinblue alternatives you can look at. Explore them below. 

Sendinblue Software Pricing

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Sendinblue Software reviews

Overall Rating

10 Reviews



September 2019



My experience with this product has been amazing. The product is first class. Their support is really helpful and friendly. They work hard to make you comfortable and help you out. They are outstanding. The interface is user-friendly for an experienced or non-experienced user. The presentation is pleasing to the view. It is great value for money. I would highly recommend them.
In comparison to other products, this one feels a bit intimidating at first, but then with time, you get used to it.

Best Marketing Tool

September 2019


TGL Travels,Sri Lanka

This is the best tool ever. I can easily create campaigns and send them out. The speed of it is great. It is easy and smooth. Anyone can easily use this system. I recommend this product to everyone. It’s amazing.
Importing contacts to the campaign is a bit tricky.

Found a better option.

August 2019


Pinnacle Pro Sound

It is a good product and is good at what it does. I found a better option, so I switched.
It has a learning curve to it. I was just evaluating the product, so I switched to another product due to this.

Great Product

August 2019


Bioloka SARL

The system is easy to use. Setting up wasn’t hard at all. I recommend that you should read the guides that are provided, it gives a better understanding of the system, and it also helps in maintaining a good domain and IP reputation.
The support team doesn’t really give out much detail, they always seem like providing templated answers. There are few parts in the system that are a bit complicated. The system is also missing footers in several languages.


August 2019


Columbia Sportswear Company

This software is the most appropriate when you need to work with transactional emails. On purchasing your annual plans, they give you a 20% discount. It is the perfect software to automate your workflows. The platform is quite interactive. It does not require any installation processes as it is available on cloud. It works well with advertising campaign management tools.
It does not handle social marketing. It fails many times when working with integrations to e-commerce. It sometimes makes working with content management complicated.

Intuitive tool.

August 2019


City Printing Ltd

It is easy to set up the system and use it. The database validation saves GDPR hassles. Just started sending out emails and have gotten a fair amount of response from them. It is easy to generate enquiries from existing or new customers.
I didn’t find any cons yet, but the email templates could be made more useful, such as the resizing or resampling of images, removing excess white space and having a corporate color palette.


August 2019



The interface is user-friendly, and it makes it fun to work on it. It is easy to use. There are a lot of possibilities which can be used quite quickly.
The emails usually end up going to the spam folders. They have given an option of upgrading to a dedicated server but that is too expensive for our customers. It has unexpected costs.

Massive potential.

August 2019



It has been easy to set it up and start using it. It is intuitive. They offer it in my language as well, which is Spanish and many others as well. This tool has massive potential and I see it.
I still haven’t found any cons.

Great tool

August 2019


iClean GmbH

The pros are its ability to send SMS, their marketing automation feature, and the tracking feature on the website.
To be able to use all of the features that we needed we had to get a higher subscription level, which definitely costs much. The SMS function also costs us extra money just for sending.

Happy customer.

August 2019


Adam Love Group

The price of this tool is pretty much reasonable and payment options are great for us. It is easy to create and edit custom fields.
There are some weird restrictions that we don’t understand that who clicked links etc. It is hard to edit the default font colors with their templates. Constantly have to change the text color back.

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Call us at

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