TimeSolv is a cloud-based time tracking and billing solution that caters to accountants, consultants, architects, lawyers, and freelancers, helping them manage daily business operations. Users can keep track of all their expenses and increase their revenues by ensuring that every billable minute is input into the system and get paid more quickly. The solution runs smoothly both offline and online. Compatibility with PCs and Macs, iPad and other tablets, iPhones and Android apps is provided.

The project management module comes with billing functionality that combined with time tracking and auto task-assigning, enables users to track billable hours and budget in real-time. TimeSolv offers a customizable platform for streamlining the financial workflow for seamless and fast payment processes integrated with current and legacy systems. With the case management, users can organize and store data as well as utilize auto-filling standard formatted documents with document automation.

The solution offers integration with various third-party software for smooth data transfers. The application’s integration with various credit card payment processing services provides clients with a portal where they can make payments, review transaction history, replenish trust funds, and more. Two- way integration with Quickbooks, Xero, Dropbox, and NetDocuments.

Pricing: Pricing is offered on a monthly subscription basis. There are two pricing plans, Legal ($34.95/user/month) and Pro ($19.95/user/month). A free trial is also available.

USP: With the capability to accurately track time, users can gain critical insights when bidding and making budgets for new projects. TimeSolv also provides better clarity to ongoing projects as it enables users to readily itemize their transactions by task, frequency, client, etc.

Support: Support is extended via phone and email.

Product Advantages: The freedom to access it anytime, anywhere with or without internet availability. Fairly intuitive and easy to learn. Great customer support. Regular painless updates.

Product Limitations: Steep learning curve but that is because of the complex functions of the system. No online reporting functionality.

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