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Todoist is a fine-grade task management solution that has all you need to handle and organize projects. It is a reliable software that aims to reduce the mental stress from the users' minds by creating fully functional and comprehensive to-do lists.  

This app boosts the productivity of businesses by breeding a relaxed working environment. Todoist is the future of remote work for it introduces perfection in project management tasks remotely. In addition, the software is bootstrapped with profitability and helps boost employee retention rate.  

Todoist Software Key Features: 

Task Organizing: 

Todoist being an effective project management software, lets you organize all tasks instantly. There’s a quick add service so you can add new tasks to your to-do lists with set due dates. The software reminds you of all deadlines and ensures your projects stay organized.  

Prioritize Tasks: 

Todoist surfaces the right tasks at the right time based on the priority order. For this, there is a favorite icon so you can highlight the day's most crucial tasks.  Moreover, there is a reminder service only in a pro plan that automatically surfaces the sensitive tasks for you. 

Workload Minimization: 

Todoist software allows you to assign tasks to your team members and more, no matter whatever they are. Besides that, it has a built-in notification function so your peers can notify you by marking tasks done, reducing the pressure on your shoulders.  

Task View: 

With Todoist , you set your task view section as per your desired personal style. For example, there are boards to present an overall task view; there are labels and custom filters to sort relevant tasks. Also, there’s an option in the pro plan to customize the task view theme.  

Todist Pricing: 

This industry-recognized solution features a budget-friendly price range. The pricing range of Todoist starts from $0 to $5/month. This means that Todoist offers a free price plan for startups so they can manage their tasks under good leadership. The pro pricing plan of Todist is best suitable for power users and costs $3/month, and the business plan that costs $5 is created for teams.  

Todist Demo: 

Todoist offers a demo in the form of a getting started guide. On this page of Todoist software, you will discover how the app works as there are informative videos to guide you through. So, don't forget to view the demo of the Todoist application. 

Todist Reviews: 

Todoist reviews will help you understand that it’s much more than project handling solution. Users claim that it can be used even for setting up exercise routines and grocery tasks. Todoist reviews reveal the app is praised for its multi-functional reviews. Refer to the review section below to learn what users say about it.  

Our Thoughts: 

Todoist is a comprehensive app that lets its users organize their daily and business routines. It helps billions of people, including freelancers, students, and businesses, free up their mental space. It is accountable for keeping your tasks organized so you can process them efficiently.  

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