Zoho Invoice is a powerful accounting and finance tool which is developed to meet the invoicing needs. This tool is highly efficient for small to mid-level businesses which may include startups, entry-level organizations, or even the freelancing setup of an individual entity. It allows the user to create and manage the customized invoices. It also allows to keep track of all the transactions and provides the flexibility of sharing these transaction invoices with its clients or customers via the same platform. These bills and invoices can be generated by following any of the pre-stored templates available in 14 languages and multiple currencies, varying upon the basis of business nature and client’s needs.

The reason for its higher market acceptability is it allows us to attach customized files to the invoices. It also leverages the clients by providing additional client’s portal with some added features like calendar view, reports collection, time tracking, Partial payments, PayPal integration, and Multilingual functionality.

Price: It accompanies with a free trial and services with reduced functionality. However, different packages are available based upon the need, for instance, Basic is $9/ month, Standard is $19/month, while the professional package is $29/month.

USP: Zoho invoice is able to integrate itself with other products. Its feature of integration with the Expense tracking system and with POS system make it entirely unique.

Support: Zoho Support can be reached via Email, Telephonic calls or can get support via Zoho’s prerecorded webinar system.

Product Advantages: It allows us to use advanced international invoicing features with some interactive and personalized invoice templates.

Product Limitations: It’s not providing users with the facility of a built-in inventory system.

Zoho Invoice (Accounting & Finance Tool)

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