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Airtable is a cloud-based collaboration and team management tool for small to midsized businesses or departments within larger corporations. The solution is focused on communication and data organization capabilities. It has a spreadsheet-like interface that arranges and sorts data according to filters. The tool allows related data to be grouped together according to any criteria. Users can link contacts to their affiliation or inventory items to their suppliers. 

Airtable is compatible across devices and the desktop version is a powerful tool for project management. It allows users to create, edit and view spreadsheets. There are mobile versions available too for Android and iOS phones. The mobile interface has tappable cards and users can add or remove data, share information, and upload attachments to them. 

Integrate the Airtable solution with third-party apps and services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote for added functionality. The tables can be shared across platforms and users can track changes to the document too. There is a built-in chat tool that lets users discuss items while they work on a table together. 

Airtable Pricing: There is a free version of Airtable which offers 2GB storage space, 1200 records, and 2 weeks of tracking history. The software has premium versions which are billed on a monthly basis. The packages start at $12 per user. 

Airtable Project Management Pros: Airtable is a highly versatile solution with customization options available for all features. Users can personalize their spreadsheets and tables in whatever way they want. The field types, sizes, colors, backgrounds, and all other aspects can be changed.  

It is a collaboration software that makes information more accessible to users. Everyone can share information with their team members. The action of adding, updating, and expanding content is simplified. Employees can view the project and business goals as a whole so they plan their efforts accordingly. The software deals with any other services and the native functions can integrate with commonly used collaboration tools like Slack and Asana. 

Airtable Project Management Cons: Airtable is similar to a Microsoft Excel or Google spreadsheet and its capabilities are limited to tables. There are no conditional or automated formatting options for similar items. The solution is overwhelming for new users and the learning curve is steep for those not comfortable with new technology. 

Highlighted Features

Collaboration Across Teams: Airtable has a commenting system for tasks that allows cross-departmental collaboration. It comes has file-sharing options that allow users to upload documents and share relevant parts of the project with other teams. Dashboards can be created through spreadsheet categories and customized by each user. There is a mobile version of Airtable too which helps team members stay in contact and respond to messages even when they are not in the office. 

Efficient Management: There is a task scheduling and prioritization feature that helps managers delegate and allows users to sort their lists accordingly. The Airtable software has Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and gallery task views. The shared team calendar is useful for collaboration and gives teams even better task management capabilities. All users can view and edit it so their actions are synchronized and the project workflow is aligned.  

Managers find it easier to manage projects using the time and manpower tracking tool. They can generate spreadsheets and reports using the automation options. Project management becomes much easier because there is no longer a need for repetitive tasks or menial data entry. 

Document Storage: Users can add all attachments formats to the necessary task and share their project materials in one place. The central storage supports PDF, document, spreadsheet, video, and image files.

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Best PM software for beginners.

September 2021


Amana Enterprises and Zillow

I like Airtable because it allows me to create simple yet useful custom apps and databases with almost no coding knowledge.
It's a great software, unfortunately, a few areas still need improvement like the storage space they offer.

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