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What is AccuBuild?

AccuBuild is a cloud-based set of fully integrated construction business management applications. It is intended for general contractors, project managers, specialist subcontractors, and MEP subcontractors, as well as other experts. The programme offers solutions for personnel management, construction accounting, document management, and more. The AccuBuild mobile app can assist contractors streamline field reporting and payroll processing with its different timecard options.

Using the A|B TimeClock 400, businesses may minimize buddy punching, time theft, and manual time entering. The app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices and interacts directly with AccuBuild. Furthermore, the software's payroll module meets the specific requirements of construction companies, such as multi-state processing, union reporting, workers' compensation, and more. It provides detailed reporting in a variety of forms, such as quarterly payroll tax reports, employee information reports, and certified payroll/prevailing wage reports.

Accubuild Pricing

The vendor offers customizable and flexible pricing plans. Request a personalized pricing quote from our sales team today! 

Accubuild Demo

A free demo option is available for the software. If you are still not sure whether to invest in the software, you can always avail the demo and have a teaser to delineate how the software functions.

Accubuild Reviews

Reviews published by users' online show that the software brings along ease of use and simple features. Moreover, it provides so many hours of free training with the purchase, so if you have any questions, they will be there to answer them.

Final Comments

The software has both pros and cons and it entirely depends on the user what he expects. It is quite affordable and the idea of combining accounting and the PM is what makes it stand out.

AccuBuild Features

The core of AccuBuild's accounting system is the Job Cost module. The system has been designed to be highly adaptable to accommodate the reporting requirements of the majority of contractors. Prior to setting up the system, all portions of the work cost module should be properly inspected to ensure that all difficulties are addressed, as the Job Cost system is fully connected with all other modules.

The equipment module is an additional optional component of the AccuBuild system that is extremely useful for tracking corporate vehicles, assets, tools, etc. Also, being a module for asset management, the system contains some really useful capabilities for managing equipment rental and charging rental fees to projects.

Dashboards are an excellent approach for owners and managers to receive an overview of multiple KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). AccuBuild's built-in Dashboards allow customers to view an easily-read graph or bar chart. These dashboards minimise the need to sift through multiple reports to get to the bottom line, while still allowing users to dive down for additional information.

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