Aidi is a cloud-based project management solution offering the most advanced construction project management platform for owners. The tool features AI capabilities, embedded analytics, automated workflows, industry best practices, and much more. Transform your construction business with the most collaborative platform right away. Take control of your data and workflows and link all of your stakeholders to automate operations using Aidi. 

The construction management software can integrate with existing systems such as ERP, CRM, and more. By tracking declarations and receipts, the Aidi platform assists managers in building a consistent payment schedule for their subcontractors and suppliers. Project managers can generate and track budgets using configurable templates with itemized breakdowns. Additional features such as customized reporting, risk monitoring, approval chains, change order requests, invoice tracking, and payment requests are also available. 

Key Features 

Organize Your Documents 

Aidi keeps your documents organized for you. You can upload documents and make them available to the relevant stakeholders. Keep track of invoices, payment requests, and any contracts associated with the project with a fully configurable approval chain. 

Risk Tracking and Task Scheduling 

You can manage tasks, identify crucial activities, and create and track project gates with a user-friendly schedule. You can also record and track risks throughout all project phases simply and easily. 

Make Smart Estimates  

The software lets you create budgets from customizable templates and display amounts broken down by items such as professional fees, labor or incidentals, etc. Aidi can integrate with your system as it can connect to all existing software including ERP, CRM, and more.  

Receive Custom Reports 

Set up custom reports and get them delivered automatically on a day of your choice. Some possibilities include Monday, Friday, or the first day of the month.   

Tender, Bid, and Subcontractor Management 

Save yourself the trouble of data entry by automatically generating tender forms and importing submissions into the system. The system also warns you of any elevated risk levels. You can track declarations and receipts to ensure that your subcontractors and suppliers get paid on time.  

Aidi Pricing 

Aidi software costs around $1,200 per month and includes all features for unlimited users and data, training, updates, customer support, and much more.  

Aidi Demo 

A free trial is not available for this software. However, a three-month-long proof of concept model provides you with the required personal training and complete integration to maximize results. Simply click on the ‘watch demo’ button to see how this solution has revolutionized the construction industry. 

Aidi Reviews 

Aidi software has secured several positive reviews from its clients and is renowned for its ease of use and customizability features. Head over to the reviews section to find more verified reviews of this product. 

Our Thoughts 

Aidi construction software is an excellent tool for commercial construction enterprises. It is the most comprehensive and reasonably priced web tool for managing construction projects. Thousands of construction project managers depend on this tool to keep their projects on schedule and within their allocated budgets.

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