Assignar Software

Assignar is a cloud-based construction management tool for general contractors and subcontractors. The essential features are scheduling, managing assets, timesheets, custom forms, compliance, billing, and payroll. 

Workers can use the Field Worker App to check in to the system and fill out and send in timesheets and forms, which are sent directly to the office. You can easily integrate these forms into accounting software. In addition, you can cut up and show all the data collected in the field in different ways to give a clear picture of operations.  

Key Features  

Crew Scheduling & Assigning 

With Assignar software, there will no longer be a need to wait on compliance information or use messy whiteboards or spreadsheets. The program makes it easier to schedule tasks and improves the flow of communication among your team, contractors, and subcontractors. Additionally, it provides an overview of your project's planning process. Put it another way; you can simplify the work so that you have more time to devote to expanding the company. 

Crew & Equipment Management 

Assignar software lets you match the right people, jobs, and equipment to keep your equipment running and your crews busy. You can also learn how to predict the future better, knowing exactly how many jobs you can take on. In addition, the software makes you more productive by ensuring your equipment works and your workers are ready to go to work. You can also use the cloud-based app for easy accessibility. 

Reporting and Analytics 

The Assignar software offers up-to-date, high-level dashboards that you may customize to display the most critical metrics. You can see the essential metrics for effectively running your company in a visual representation. In addition, the program enables you to improve the quality of your judgments regarding your organization, ultimately increasing your profits. 

Assignar Software Cost 

The Assignar construction software doesn’t reveal its pricing publicly. As a result, you might need to get in touch with the vendor to obtain the Assignar pricing plan. 

Assignar Software Demo 

There's no better way to see how much Assignar construction software is worth than to set up a free Assignar demo. An interactive demo allows you to experience the software's functions in a real-world context. So, contact the vendor to set up an Assignar demo. 

Assignar Software Review 

Users are generally happy with Assignar, based on the number of positive reviews. The user-friendly interface and attentive customer care are a big hit with customers. See what others say about the software by checking out the Assignar reviews below. 

Our Thoughts  

Assignar is a cloud-based platform for managing compliance, assets, and workers in industries with many rules. Assignar was made based on real-world experience and the need to solve problems in a fast-growing construction service provider. As a result, Assignar's customers get more efficiency, transparency, and significant savings on management costs.

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