BuildIT is an all-in-one construction planning and scheduling solution for contractors and construction firms. It facilitates organization, communication, and scheduling in regards to construction projects within small to medium-sized residential, specialty, and commercial trade contractors. The application helps businesses with job allocation, document library, contact management, schedule templates, document management, communication, and more. PM leads can easily schedule work using customizable templates while delegating, sharing, and rescheduling tasks online. 

The award-winning construction management platform offers Gantt chart views, list views, and calendar views to help teams track their projects. Users can not only add, modify, and cancel jobs from a central dashboard, but also gain a quick overview of their current and upcoming project activities using the software’s color-coded Gantt chart view. Moreover, the system allows employees to work on jobs in order of priority so they can update the status in real time or mark tasks as complete.

Key Features

Document Management

Effective project documentation processes enable teams to know exactly where a document is stored, what needs to be added, and which stage it is at in the review process. The BuildIT cloud-based construction management software helps users stay on top of their project documents. It allows them to create contracts, estimates, purchase orders, and more – all within a centralized location.

Activity Dashboard

Builders and other construction professionals can use BuildIT’s activity dashboard to centralize data, track project progress, and drive deeper efficiency and insight. They can also unify data from various construction projects to create immersive, interactive project and financial reports.

Job Scheduling

The job scheduling functionality of BuildIT software allows users to either create schedules from scratch or use one of its pre-designed schedule templates. They can also view schedules in different formats to see who’s doing what and keep track of the overdue project assignments.

BuildIT Pricing

BuildIT pricing plans are based on the per feature model. The BuildIT software cost starts from $50.00 per month and goes up to $180.00 per month.

BuildIT Demo

Want to witness first-hand how intuitive the product is to use? You can do this by simply scheduling a free BuildIT software demo. A detailed BuildIT demo will help you learn the ins and outs of the system before you actually purchase it.

BuildIT Reviews

BuildIT construction software has received positive reviews for helping contractors streamline day-to-day project tasks, collaborate efficiently, and stay on top of project schedules. You can also read BuildIT reviews in our review section below. 

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Our Thoughts

BuildIT is a comprehensive project planning and scheduling application that helps construction businesses create, collaborate, and organize their workflows in one shared space. The system includes all the necessary tools PM leads require to empower their frontline and plan projects in a more efficient, flexible, and productive way. 

We recommend opting for the product demo to understand whether the software matches your unique requirements.

BuildIT Pricing

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BuildIT reviews

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