BuildSmart construction software is a feature-rich accounting and cost management system that gives contractors the tools to manage their payroll, subcontractors, plant, and equipment and keep a check on stock and inventory. 

The BuildSmart software provides industry-aligned information to construction companies. It consists of several modules for Procurement, Accounting, Payroll, Plant, Yard & Store Management, Subcontract Management, Business Intelligence, HR, and Time & Attendance. Real-time data and efficient project management tools allow clients to simplify their accounting procedures. 

Key Features 


Budget visibility gives stakeholders an overview of where their funds are going. The tool lets you calculate and compare your budget based on quantities, rates, and amounts. Achieve margin-projection by combining resources from Candy which gives a complete and controlled procure-to-pay cycle in one system. A feature for electronic quote requests (eRFQ) is also available.  

Enterprise Accounting 

BuildSmart's feature-rich enterprise accounting module controls the whole accounting and financial process in real-time. It has a cloud-based system that supports numerous organizations, full or partial consolidations, various currencies, and multiple tax jurisdictions. Along with IFRS 15 contract revenue recognition, it also incorporates contractor-specific controls for managing subcontractors, contractor debtors, plant and equipment, consumable and non-consumable stock, and hire. Using activity-based costing for all contract-related items recorded from the initial point of data input, users may also examine accrued expenses in real-time throughout all stages of the contracting process. 

Payroll Management 

BuildSmart's payroll component enables you to develop highly flexible, region-specific payroll systems. You can effectively control your labor expenditures with built-in activity-level costing for each project. Regionally applicable statutory reporting and uploads are also available as a standard in our system.  

Subcontract Management 

Subcontractor Management functionality enables you to monitor advances, completed work, variations, escalation, discounts, retentions, contra-charges, and related taxes from package award through final retention release. Subcontractors can be monitored and managed on an individual, contract, or enterprise level. Certificates for subcontractors can be instantly uploaded from Candy to BuildSmart for clearance and payment processing to take place. The tool seamlessly administers and regulates certification delivery and applications for payment procedures. To ensure you fulfill all your local legislation requirements, Payless notices and assurances of payments can also be activated. 

BuildSmart Pricing 

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BuildSmart Reviews 

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Our Thoughts  

BuildSmart cost allocation system is well-suited for resolving the complexities of construction accounting. This multi-purpose software delivers maximum efficiency. From preserving margins to giving precise costing and financial information, BuildSmart can do it all.

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