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Buildup is cloud-based task management, punch list, and inspection software that helps improve product quality, cut costs, and speed up the building process. Owners, developers, and consultants, as well as general contractors and subcontractors, use Buildup.  

The solution includes an app for recording project data in the field and a web platform for making detailed reports. In addition, Buildup helps people on the job site and in the office discuss problems and tasks. This saves time, cuts down on project delays, and saves money. 

Project managers, construction inspectors, work managers, and engineers can do quality checks, see real-time progress reports, report and track problems, and share and edit documents and plans. In addition, with the advanced messaging feature, team members can talk about any project or unit, and all of their messages are saved in the cloud. 

Key Features  

Real-time Reports 

Buildup construction software gives you visibility into the insights of your project with project dashboards and acceptance reports that you can access on the web or through the Buildup mobile app. In addition, real-time reports give all users an insight into how a project is moving and the current onsite construction status. The robust software generates reports every few seconds. 

Customizable Checklists 

Quality testing and inspections are made more accurate with the help of the tools that are included in Buildup construction software. For example, you can create and modify checklists and add information such as a pass or fail rating, additional text, pertinent images, signatures, and dates. 

The software organizes all your checklists according to the program's projects, units, and priorities, ensuring that nothing will be overlooked. 

Export Data 

With Buildup construction software, you may simply see, preserve, and share essential information by exporting the data from your project into a customizable PDF or XLS report. Moreover, you can do this from a centralized location. 

Buildup Software Cost 

Are you wondering how much the Buildup software costs? The Buildup construction software costs $149.99 monthly. It includes Task List Manager, Quality Control Checklists, Reporting and Project Dashboards, and much more.  

The Buildup+ is the Advanced tier that starts at $450. Again, you can contact the vendor for a detailed Buildup pricing plan.  

Buildup Software Demo 

Buildup is the leading software for construction companies because it is easy to use and customizable in many ways. If you want to see how Buildup construction software can improve your workflow, contact the vendor and ask for a demo. The Buildup demo will show you how to use the software in real-time so you can decide if it's worth buying. 

Buildup Software Review 

Buildup reviews are positive, indicating users are satisfied with the product. They appreciate how easy the software is to use in the field. In addition, the mobile app is excellent. You can read the benefits and drawbacks of Buildup software below.  

Our Thoughts  

Buildup construction software allows you to organize your checklist according to projects, units, and priorities to ensure that nothing gets missed. As a result, you will be able to regain complete command of your responsibilities, ensure everyone is on the same page, and avoid making pointless journeys to the site. 

Pros and Cons of Buildup Software


  • It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.


  • It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.

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