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About Cognibox

Cognibox CMS is a cloud-based compliance management tool created for companies in a variety of market sectors, including oil & gas, mining, telecommunications, energy, aerospace, and agricultural. It helps businesses to manage contractor compliance in accordance with sector requirements, maximising workplace security.

To find new contractors in specific locations and identify high-performing contractors, staff employees can use Cognibox CMS to conduct pre-selection and post-qualification evaluations. It enables managers to produce thorough work permits based on a variety of standards, including requirements for training, protective gear, and best practises. Supervisors can also choose which preventive and corrective actions to take first and then prioritise them for implementation using the incident management feature.

Managers may monitor contractor performance with Cognibox CMS construction software and generate helpful comments based on a variety of criteria, including safety, quality, costs, and deadline compliance. Pricing information is available upon request, and help is offered through a FAQ section, video lessons, written instructions, email, and other methods.

Top Cognibox Software Modules

Compliance Management

To assist control risk and establish solid business ties, Cognibox combines a cloud-based SaaS solution with admin support, thorough training, and outsourcing services. By successfully and affordably managing contractor compliance, Cognibox CMS assists enterprises all over the world in enhancing workplace safety. It is based on industry best practises.

The amount of time and resources needed to oversee contractor compliance are greatly reduced using Cognibox CMS. You can manage, track, and automate each step of the contract lifecycle with the aid of our modular SaaS contractor management solution, from pre-qualification to post-contract performance evaluation. For both client organisations and contractors, Cognibox CMS is the best option. Cognibox CMS offers contractors and client organisations obvious advantages by utilising best practises in contractor management.

  • Boost productivity by reducing approval delays
  • Automate and streamline contractor management operations to lower operational costs.
  • Improve access to contractor management procedures and company information to forge stronger business connections.
  • Optimize contractor productivity through compliance standards monitoring to maximise cost savings.
  • Utilizing actionable and easily retrievable business intelligence will enhance corporate processes and ensure compliance.

Learning Management

Organizations may manage employee training, work practises, skills, and professional qualifications with the help of Cognibox LMS, an online training management solution. Our learning management system, which was created by professionals in corporate training, is the best tool for ensuring that teams, departments, and employees are following business or client corporation criteria. Managers, supervisors, and HR specialists inside enterprises can manage employee training portfolios and activities by position and business unit using comparative analysis capabilities and data exchange gateways linked to existing HR systems. The advanced functions that Cognibox LMS offers are created to support all parts of training management. Additionally, our training experts and IT specialists will offer guidance and advice to you throughout the implementation to guarantee that our solution satisfies the particular requirements of your firm.

Each employee in your company has a personal overview page in the Cognibox LMS that details their employment history, education, acquired abilities, and credentials. Additionally, the technology makes it easier to manage parental leave, student and seasonal employment. You may recognise and prioritise needs by utilising the Cognibox LMS to create precise and thorough job profiles that include training needs and work practises. Then, you can organise training activities. The training catalogue management features enable for limited catalogue management and the control of relevant training databases, making them perfect for both online and classroom training. You may manage a number of variables using Cognibox LMS, including periodic validity, training period, average cost, ideal participant count, and refresher course management.

Online Training Platform

Online training platform, Cognibox OTP, is used by client organisations all over the world to manage online training efficiently. We assist in lowering training expenses and ensuring that contractors show up at job sites properly trained by providing 24/7 access and a training catalogue. With the help of our online training platform and experienced support, Cognibox enables client organisations to design and publish courses that are specifically suited to their unique compliance and training requirements. When courses are successfully completed, Cognibox OTP quickly updates employee profiles and offers online access to any required orientation training. Employees and independent contractors can finish client corporation training programmes at any time prior to the start of work thanks to Cognibox OTP.

Cognibox OTP removes the limitations associated with traditional training, including as scheduling, employee accessibility, and classroom reservations, by operating across all systems with an Internet connection. Because Cognibox OTP updates employee training files after successful completion of online courses, there is no longer a need to print out proof of training. When using Cognibox OTP, course material is consistently delivered in the same way, ensuring that contractors have a firm grasp of the necessary ideas and techniques before reporting for duty.

Cognibox CMS software cost

Cognibox software cost has not been provided by the vendor. To know Cognibox CMS pricing, you can schedule a Cognibox CMS demo. During the Cognibox CMS software demo, you can also check out the top features of the software in depth. 

Cognibox CMS - Last Few Words!

Cognibox offers employee compliance, contractor management, and training solutions that lower risk and enhance workplace safety. Through the optimization of qualification, compliance, and operational procedures, this platform assists businesses in lowering risk and lowering the time, money, and resources needed for supplier management. To know whether Cognibox software is the right choice for you, make sure you schedule a cognibox CMS demo.

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