Contractors Cloud

The cloud-based platform known as Contractors Cloud places an emphasis on lead and sales management for the industry of contractors. In addition to facilitating improved communication between customers and members of a team, its high degree of personalization makes it well suited to satisfying the diverse needs of businesses. 

Contractors Cloud lead management solution helps you receive up-to-date notifications on the development of any given project. In addition, you can manage your expenses and other financial information seamlessly. The robust software provides support for estimating, portals for both vendors and customers, a multitude of integrations, automated workflows, production scheduling, and more. 

Key Features  

Vendor and Customer Portals 

Contractors Cloud provides separate portals for vendors and customers to manage their critical tasks. Vendors can upload images and files, send invoices, locate work orders, and send notifications as needed. In addition, customers can view invoices, track project progress, view photos, and more. 

Custom Commissions 

Contractors Cloud lead management solution provides tools for creating adaptable commission structures by taking specific requirements into account. Employees can be notified when the commission payout requirements are met using notifications that you can create and configure. 

Materials Orders and Production Schedules 

As projects progress, users can create material orders and track production. Scheduling tools ensure that the right teams are in the right place at the right time to complete assigned tasks. 

Contractors Cloud Pricing 

Are you wondering how much the Contractors Cloud software costs? The basic plan starts at $50 per month per user. There are 3 other tiers with additional features and extra charges. You can contact the vendor directly to find out the detailed Contractors Cloud pricing plan.  

Contractors Cloud Demo 

You can schedule a Contractors Cloud demo to see whether the software fulfils your needs or not. The demo is a live setting where you can explore the software’s different features and decide whether they fulfill your requirements or not. 

Contractors Cloud Reviews 

The Cloud Software for contractors has many positive reviews, indicating that users like the software and its robust features. The Contractors Cloud reviews praise how the software is quite easy-to-use and helps streamline various tasks. You can dig deep into Contractors reviews and the pros and cons below.  

Our Thoughts 

Contractors Cloud software, the cloud-based sales and lead management solution, is designed specifically for use by contractors. It provides workflows and processes that are customizable according to the specific requirements of individual markets. You can reach out to the vendor for more details.  

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