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CostCertified is one of the best residential construction estimating software. It allows the consumers to choose their finishes, upgrade or downgrade, and build their renovation or new-build with real-time price changes. All of this is seamlessly done through an e-commerce buying experience with no additional effort from the contractor.  

CostCertified is user-centric software that automates workflow, facilitates trust, and reduces cost and risk for general contractors, subcontractors, and consumers. 

Key Features of CostCertified Software

Real-time Price Updates 

Do you remember the old systems where you had to manually import all of your prices as a CSV file every time you increased your prices? That's probably something you do a few times a year. However, you'll never have to do that again with CostCertified. 

That's because the program includes an intelligent web crawler. So, all you have to do is inform the system where your supplier's website is, and you'll always have the most up-to-date prices for your products. 

Quick Quoting 

Another reason we think CostCertified is the best residential construction estimating software is because its assembly-based quoting engine can take you from zero to completed quote in under ten minutes. 

After you've set up the system and built your assemblies, all you have to do now is go through the product and finish list, select options, and add dimensions, and the quote will be ready to go. Of course, clients can still update their selections based on the choices you're providing, but instead of spending an hour on one section, you can send multiple quotes in half the time. 

Remotely Accessible  

There is no need to be worried for the old-fashioned construction estimating software packages require you to put the CD into your office PC or laptop. You can't do any estimating or quoting unless you're in the same room as the computer. With CostCertified comes with distinguished adaptability that is a unique cloud-based company so that you can access it from anywhere and at any time.  

CostCertified Pricing

The pricing model for CostCertified is simple. They offer three packages, depending on the size and needs of your business. 

They also provide dedicated support for those who need assistance setting up and customizing their accounts. In addition, Success Coaches have a construction background and can assist you in getting it set up quickly so you can send accurate, timely quotes to your customers. 

CostCertified Demo 

Not sure if CostCertified is an ideal pick for you? Don’t worry; the company offers a free demo. It helps you assess the software in real-time to explore its features. Moreover, you can analyze whether the software fulfils your requirements.  

CostCertified Reviews 

The reviews are available on various online sites. The majority of the reviews have a four or 5-star rating, which indicates that users love the software and its unique features. You can learn about the pros and cons by reading the CostCertified reviews below! 

Our Thoughts 

Adopting residential construction estimating software is a significant step for any business. With CostCertified, you will be surprised at how simple estimating, sales, and home construction management can be when you have the proper equipment. Overall, it is the most effective method for contractors to assess jobs, get paid, and sell more. 

CostCertified Software Features




Project Scheduling


Project Tracking


Document Management


Job Costing


Timesheet tracking


Bid Management


Service Management


Project Management




Inventory Management


Equipment Management


Mobile Capabilities


Contractor Management


Workflow Management

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the costcertified actually work?

The idea is that your estimates are "live," and your customers are given a link to view the estimate. The estimate includes all of your costs, including optional items for upgrades. As a result, your customer can literally play with the estimate and see the price change in real-time.

What is the main problem costcertified is solving for the contractor?

Costcertified offers a web platform that reduces the time it takes to create accurate, detailed construction quotes from 2 hours to less than 10 minutes for residential contractors. It also offers digital construction proposals that eliminate the need for allowance pricing, allowing the consumer to upgrade, downgrade, or add optional items in real-time while seeing the price difference.

What type of pricing plans does costcertified offer?

It offers a subscription-based pricing plan.

CostCertified Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

CostCertified Software reviews

Overall Rating

1 Reviews


It has a ton of useful functions, and the support staff is excellent.

October 2022

Miles C.


Each and every interaction with the CostCertified team has been simple. They are an honest group of people working to assist contractors in streamlining their operations and expanding their businesses. They have always addressed all of my complaints and returned all of my calls and emails.
There is only one drawback: the time required for setup. But before you can make money in a company, just like anything else, you have to invest. I took some time to learn how the system functions and how to tailor it to my particular projects, and now it works smoothly for me.

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Call us at

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