Countfire Software

Construction workers can use Countfire software to perform accurate estimations. It can perform automatic calculations on the screen, cutting down on total estimation time. In addition, Countfire construction software offers CAD and Excel integrations. Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing contractors can use the software to automate counting. 

You can make drawings and estimates more accurate by using quality control reports and ensuring they are thorough and up to date. Estimators can also create symbols to count across the entire structure automatically. Since it is cloud-based, users can access their work remotely using computers and mobile devices. 

Key Features 

Intelligent TakeOff 

With Countfire construction software, you can simultaneously count symbols across all of the drawings included in your project if you use automated takeoff. Moreover, the software offers additional checks for accuracy to help ensure that you never overlook a symbol. 

Accurate Estimating 

Thanks to Countfire, counting, measuring, and drawing symbols and lengths throughout all of your project's drawings is a breeze. In addition, you can use takeoff tools like Linear Measurements to ensure accurate estimation. These tools are included in your project. 

Built-in Accuracy Counts 

With Countfire's built-in accuracy counts and the ability to compare two sets of specifications side-by-side, you will never forget to add an item to your list again. Be sure to guard both your financial bottom line and your good name. 

Countfire Cost 

Unfortunately, the vendor does not share Countfire software cost with the public. However, you can contact the vendor for a detailed Countfire pricing plan.  

Countfire Software Demo 

Are you still wondering whether the Countfire construction software is worth an investment? We suggest you schedule a Countfire demo to explore the software in real time. The demo will help you delve deeper into different Countfire features so you can analyze whether they fit your needs well. You can contact the vendor for a Countfire demo.  

Countfire Reviews 

According to users, Countfire is a fantastic tool for estimators. It is super-fast and streamlines tasks as compared to manual measurements. Most users praise the software by giving an average 4-star rating. You can explore the pros and cons by reading Countfire reviews below.  

Our Thoughts 

Electrical estimators can work more quickly, with less busy work, and with higher levels of accuracy, thanks to the automation provided by Countfire. You can complete your electrical estimates by locating all the tools you require in one place. Countfire creates client-ready Excel quotes with a detailed breakdown of the items for which an estimate has been given and is prepared to be sent. You can learn more about the software during the Countfire demo.  

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Countfire Software reviews

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