DBX is construction software that runs in the cloud and has features like project management, customer relationship management (CRM), reputation management, and surveys. 

The solution helps users figure out how much contracts will cost. It works with Google Maps to provide GPS routing and scheduling, and the CRM module lets users keep track of contacts, client interactions, and deals. Users can also change the look of email templates, set up email marketing campaigns, and send many emails at once. The solution includes apps for both iOS and Android phones. 

DBX also has a tool for sales reps to get price quotes. The solution helps users set up assignments for sales teams and assign work orders. For each work order, users can keep track of commissions, quantities, and when they are due. 

Key Features  

Accounting and Banking 

Accounting is not a simple job by any means. The job of an accountant is hard because they have to keep track of transactions and income. With DBX's Accounting Software, you can make your accountant's job much more accessible and get the most done! With features like custom reports, automated bank reconciliations, and tracking of assets and vendors, the accounting software stands out as a spark of new technology. 


Without an effective CRM to organize and track all your customers, it's almost impossible to grow and manage your business today. DBX is more than just a CRM because it has apps that work directly with the cutting-edge, advanced CRM. Get rid of the annoying need to use multiple interfaces and pieces of software to run your business. Instead, use the most advanced suite of business software to bring all of your work processes together. The best part is that you can change it however you want. 

Automated Workflow 

The DBX Automation App is a new and simple way to automate workflow processes. It is made to make work go as smoothly as possible, and the Drag-and-Drop function lets you change everything about it. After you fill out a DigiForm, you can set up your automation process and tell it to do things like send follow-up emails or surveys. Then, when you need it, this software app will do the work for you. 

DBX Software Cost 

Unfortunately, the vendor doesn’t share the DBX cost publicly. However, you can contact the vendor for a detailed DBX pricing plan.  

DBX Software Demo 

You are free to book a DBX demo to see whether or not it satisfies your requirements. You will be able to test the DBX construction software in a real-world scenario as part of the demo to determine whether or not it fulfills your criteria. Get in touch with the service provider if you want to schedule a DBX demo. 

DBX Software Reviews 

DBX construction management software has received a lot of praise, indicating that users appreciate its functionality. In addition, the DBX reviews prove how versatile it is and how it streamlines various tasks by automating the workflow. Check out the pros and cons of DBX construction software below. 

Our Thoughts 

With the DBX software, you can run every part of your business with a single, easy-to-use program. In addition, DBX was built to work on mobile devices so that you can run your business anywhere you like. 

DBX Pricing

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