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Electrical Bid Manager is one of the leading estimating softwares available today, capable of serving electrical jobs of all sizes. This software can turn your business around by providing tools and aids that simplify estimation processes, resulting in increased workflows and improved management. Read more about how this software stands out from other management enterprises and how it can help you improve your return on investment!

Key Features


The Electrical Bid Manager comes with built-in electrical item databases, scheduling, takeoff, assembly databases, conversion calculators, subcontractor management, proposal generator, and estimates. These features contribute hand in hand to make sure your business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Every shred of material is counted and accounted for. The software also allows users to create new assemblies, and that too, on the go, saving valuable time for the team. The additional modules provided by the Electrical Bid Manager take takeoffs to another level altogether. Additionally, the software offers a few electrical components that further enhance efficiency. These components include branch circuits, light fixtures, wiring devices, conduits, etc. 

     Financial Calculation

The Electrical Bid Manager software system enables users to calculate all costs in the business, including hidden fees. It does this by offering a detailed bid analysis function, which makes calculations more manageable and allows users to figure out the budgeting of the project and the adjustment of profits comprehensively and mindfully. Everything is in front of you, so you need to make a few clicks, and results will show up in front of you in no time. 


The Electrical Bid Manager Software also offers seamless integration with pricing databases, allowing businesses to update their bid prices in their electrical bids. In addition, contractors are informed of accurate cost estimates and bids being offered by competing contractors so that your business can determine what bid you should submit. 

Electrical Bid Manager Pricing

The Electrical Bid Manager software does not have a free version, though it does come with a free trial. Its pricing begins at $1495.00. For additional details on the pricing, make your way to the pricing section and request a pricing quote. 

Electrical Bid Manager Demo

It’s always a good idea to go through all the details of management software before making your final purchase. Then, head to the demo section to gain deeper insight into the Electrical Bid Manager software!

Electrical Bid Manager Reviews

The Electrical Bid Manager Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with users citing customer support as one of the software’s finest qualities. Users have also identified user-friendliness, flexibility, and clarity of directions as some of the main deciding factors in choosing this software. 

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Our Thoughts

Choosing the right estimation software for a construction business is not easy. It entails determining the specific needs of your business and then conducting in-depth research to find out which software offers solutions that fit your criteria. A construction business should aim for only the best bid electrical estimating software. That’s why we urge you to give the Electrical Bid Manager demo a go-through and see for yourself whether it meets your requirements or not!

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