Flashtrack project management software centralizes all your projects, teams, and communication into one intuitive platform. Although the software offers a robust feature set, it can have a bit of a learning curve for new users. Nevertheless, the perks of unlimited users and projects give it a competitive edge.

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Flashtract is web-based construction billing software that helps general contractors and subcontractors automate approval workflows, lien waiver document creation, and payment calculations. Some essential features include document management, file sharing, job management, project tracking, change orders, and accounting integration. 

Teams using Flashtract file sharing software can quickly put project information into the system. In addition, they can get documents that look like the official forms and other payment apps used by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). In addition, managers can get reminders to send in bills and can send payment requests to the right person on the team. Also, built-in compliance controls allow companies to streamline and improve their billing processes while still meeting industry standards. 

Flashtract Software Cost 

Are you wondering about the Flashtract construction software pricing? Unfortunately, the software costs $199 monthly, and no free trial is available. However, you can contact the vendor for a detailed pricing plan.  

Flashtract Software Demo 

You can schedule a Flashtract demo to see if it meets your needs. The demo is a real-world instance where you can test the Flashtract project tracking software's functionality and see if it meets your requirements. To arrange a Flashtract software demo, you should contact the provider. 

Flashtract Reviews 

Flashtract file sharing software has received a lot of praise, indicating that users appreciate its functionality. The Flashtract software users like how user-friendly it is and how it helps speed up billing tasks. Check out the pros and cons of Flashtract web-based construction billing software below. 

Our Thoughts 

Flashtract construction software makes it possible for general contractors and subcontractors to transmit and receive paperwork and payments in an easy and streamlined manner. As a result, the payment process for subcontractors is sped up, and they spend less time on payment apps. In addition, general contractors may quickly gather, review, and approve subcontractor pay applications, lien waivers, and other required billing paperwork inside the same app. 

Flashtract Software Features

The Flashtract web-based construction billing software does calculations in real-time and flags any mathematical mistakes before they are submitted. With just a few clicks, subcontractors may quickly and correctly submit invoices for work that has been finished.

Tracking retainage, rolling from initial values, and issuing proper lien waivers are some of the frequent billing problems you can avoid with the help of Flashtract project tracking software. Flashtract also computes, automatically checks for mathematical errors, and prevents other common billing blunders. In addition, Flashtract tells you all at once when, where, and what you need to submit. As a result, you can get paid more quickly by preventing problems from occurring before they are reported.

Flashtract, the market's fastest-growing construction billing software, integrates with Sage 300, Procore, and Vista. As a result, you can quickly move jobs, commitments, AP invoices, and other data types between Sage 300 and Flashtract. In addition, with Procore integration, you can transfer information between the Procore financial module and Flashtract quickly and easily. You can also send your data between Flashtract and your Vista account with a single click.

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