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FreeCAD contains a variety of components that allow businesses to extract design information from 3D models and alter proportions to generate production drawings. Multiple file types, including IGES, SVG, DXF, DE, IFC, STL, STEP, and OBJ, are supported by the software. Its Arch module also supports building information modeling (BIM) procedures for architectural entities including, among others, roofs, windows, pipes, walls, beams, and furniture. 

Managers can use FreeCAD to design things like boxes, cylinders, and spheres by providing the necessary geometric restrictions. The technical drawing module provides detailed and cross-sectional views, enabling firms to build 2D views of existing 3D models. 

FreeCad Software Key Features

Eases Design Process

FreeCAD employs a parametric model so you can design objects based on other models or unique characteristics. It has a model history that allows you to trace changes when modifying specifications. The graphical user interface is constructed using the Qt framework. In addition, it employs an Open Inventor-based 3D viewer to facilitate the rapid and effortless management of three-dimensional settings. 


The configurable dashboard and workbenches are smartly organized. You can choose which tools to present. The integrated Python Interpreter and open API make interface, geometry, and renderer management simple. With Open CASCADE technology, FreeCAD now supports sophisticated design specifications for compound structures such as breps, surfaces, and nurbs. 


Using a modular design, FreeCAD may be scaled according to the features you now require. Plugins can be used to extend the functions. Similarly, its Python Interpreter and external and macro scripts can be used to configure and increase capabilities. 

FreeCad Software Pricing

The software does not have a specific pricing model posted on its website as it is free. 

FreeCad Software Demo

Demos are always helpful in providing a subscriber with insight regarding a softwares’ features and characteristics. The software offers a free demo which can be scheduled whenever a user wants. It further allows one to decide whether to invest in the software or not.  

FreeCad Software Reviews

Users have mentioned in their reviews that in comparison to other AutoCad softwares, this is a version that is distinct. This software allows users to create three-dimensional drawings from a variety of projection angles, which is undoubtedly its most impressive feature. This program is used by both students and professionals, and has proven useful for both groups. 

Our Thoughts

Keeping in mind the information provided above, it is safe to conclude that the software enables users to design intricate things with a number of specifications. As a design platform, it is suitable for both small and large businesses. FreeCAD can be developed to provide a scriptable CAD solution for engineering, allowing it to do sophisticated designs, such as electrical schematics and architectural blueprints. Furthermore, it has a high compatibility as FreeCAD is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

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