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Gantter is a cloud-based project management and scheduling tool run by the community and used by businesses in many fields. Some features include tracking budgets, job costs, managing resources, and Gantt charts. 

Gantter software users can save project-related documents and resources in the cloud, share them with others, and get to them quickly. The solution also lets users track when tasks are due and how much they cost, which helps them manage the project budget. 

Key Features  

Google Drive Integration 

The Gantter construction software for managing projects and making plans works with Google Drive and G Suite. The UI is made to feel similar to Google. For example, you can open Gantter files in Google Drive and save them. You can also link files to tasks.  

The software works with Google Calendar in both directions, and users can quickly start Hangouts. Other features include auto-filtering automatically by the G Suite domain and add G Suite users to the schedule. 

Easy-to-use Application 

Gantter looks like Microsoft Project, the best project management software on the market. But unlike the others, Gantter doesn't charge a high license fee and gives its users a wide range of essential scheduling tools that you can use to create and manage project schedules.  

In addition, it is affordable and gives you almost the same features as Microsoft Project software. The platform is easy to use, enabling users to add tasks. In addition, it has several basic features, such as constraints, tasks based on effort, notes, resources, etc. 

Resource and Calendar Features 

The platform has features like a calendar and a list of resources that make it easier to plan tasks and keep track of resources. With this feature, you can give each team member a role and an hourly rate. Using the system's Calendar view, you can also set up holidays and days when no work is done. The system also ensures you don't miss deadlines by sending alerts when a project's set-to-end date is closed. In addition, the system gives the user a warning signal when a deadline isn't met. 

Gantter Software Cost 

Gantter construction software's monthly pricing model costs $5 per user. You can contact the vendor to learn more about the detailed Gantter pricing plan. 

Gantter Software Demo 

The Gantter construction software also lets you try it out for free so you can see if it meets your needs. The Gantter demo is a great way to analyze the software and make a final decision. To set up a demo, please contact the vendor. 

Gantter Software Reviews 

The Gantter reviews are very positive. Users love how Gantter is a handy tool with just the basics you need for most project managers. In addition, they appreciate its integration with Google Apps. You can read the benefits and drawbacks below.  

Our Thoughts  

Gantter construction software helps simplify and automate how projects are managed. It encourages collaboration to help you manage your tasks and get the most out of your team's work. With this software, which has a robust scheduling solution, you can set up essential tasks seamlessly. 

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