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Premier Construction Software is a web-based, accounting, job cost, document, and drawing management platform. It is exclusively for General Contractors, Land Developers, Construction Management businesses, and Homebuilders. Accounting, task costing and estimating, billing, time and expense, reporting, and inventory management are among the integrated modules included in the cloud-based system. 

Premier's accounting module can handle financial transactions involving several companies, divisions, subsidiaries and intercompany transactions. In addition, a fully customized management dashboard allows for the viewing of detailed company information through drill-down features. 

Contractors can use the work costing and estimating module to track cost estimates and generate level-by-level task costing breakdown reports. The solution also includes features for monitoring important documents like RFIs, submittals, and punch lists. In addition, contractors and on-site teams can read and enter daily job logs on their mobile phones by downloading the Jonas mobile apps, which are available for Android and iOS smartphones.  

Premier Software Pricing

The Premier software cost starts at $199 per user per month. You can ask the vendor for additional details.  

Premier Software Demo 

You can request a free Premier software demo from the demo section to see the software in action. The demo helps you explore the software in real-time to make a knowledgeable decision. 

Premier Reviews 

Premier reviews demonstrate that people are pleased with the product. In addition, users praise customer service for providing fast assistance when needed and the support team's willingness to make system changes based on user input. Go to the review section for more detailed user comments! 

Our Thoughts 

Premier Construction Software is an all-inclusive solution. They understand what software contractors require with over 20 years of industry expertise. A Job Costing System that is highly adaptable, Premier Construction Software is infinitely scalable because it is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. There are no hardware requirements, and it is available worldwide.

Premier Software Features

Managing supplier and subcontract bills to better control cash flow couldn't be easier using the Accounts Payable (AP) module. For example, you can instruct the system to pay particular invoices based on the due date and potentially lost discounts. You can also use the software to automate tasks such as lien waivers, holdback/retainage release, direct deposit payments, and recurring payables. In addition, flexible purchasing categories, discount periods, and payment terms are available.

Premier Construction Software is a powerful tool for works that require T&M billing. You have an infinite number of mark-ups and charge calculations available to you. There are many reports and applications available for occupations that require progress billing/AIA. A powerful and straightforward drag-and-drop form designer that works with Microsoft Word allows you to develop alternatives to ordinary forms. Each customer can have their own set of default forms.

Ad-hoc reporting takes advantage of Microsoft SQL Azure's capability and your own Microsoft Excel. The data is downloaded from the cloud and shown in Excel.

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Aug 30, 2022

My go to ERP solution.

Nicole E.


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I love how simple the project manager dashboard is. Its simple to click on hyperlinks to locate all the information I need and to communicate my demands to those who arent CPAs. I honestly couldnt find another ERP solution on the market for this price. I adore that the Income Statement Report allows me to click on a number and get all the information.


Even though starting up on this software is pretty easy, I would appreciate the extra assistance with creating custom reports or a webinar on system customization. Unfortunately, the implementation period is too hectic to focus on customization. Also, forced password resets bother me.

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