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The software solutions from O3 are explicitly made for construction and are created to help you modernize projects. O3 supports the project, portfolio, or enterprise initiatives, from workface planning to advanced work packaging, agile project management, and digital transformation. Organizations are moving away from manual processes and toward automation, driven by digital software solutions. 

The construction management software O3 serves projects ranging in size from $1 million turnaround initiatives and portfolio projects to joint ventures worth multiple billion dollars. O3 can give digital solutions to manage your work no matter the size, scope, or budget of the project or objectives. 

Key Features  

WorkFace Planning 

Effective WorkFace Planning needs a single piece of construction software to plan, manage, and track all Installation Work Packages across all disciplines, functions, and package phases. O3 is the first comprehensive WorkFace planning software solution that combines sophisticated graphical work packaging with real constraint management and complete reporting and analysis to find and fix problems before they slow down productivity. 

Reporting and Analytics 

It is essential to provide real-time insights into the status and health of engineering and procurement. With O3 construction software, you can utilize a variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and dashboards, with the flexibility to dig down and apply corrective actions. 


With construction management software O3, you can elevate the degree of scheduling and planning for engineering and procurement to level four. You can also connect the project schedule directly to the progress reporting and package status. 

O3 Software Cost  

Unfortunately, the vendor doesn’t share the O3 software pricing with the vendor. If you intend to purchase the software, please contact the vendor. You can get a detailed O3 pricing plan from the vendor.  

O3 Software Demo 

You can schedule an O3 demo to see if it meets your needs. The demo is a live setting where you can try out the different features of the software and decide if they meet your needs. You can contact the vendor to schedule an O3 software demo.  

O3 Software Reviews 

O3 reviews are generally full of praise. Users appreciate the customer service for being highly attentive. They also like how the O3 construction software streamlines their tasks. Please scroll down to read the in-depth pros and cons.  

Our Thoughts  

O3 Solutions teaches you how to track and effectively manage work packages using web-based software. With the cloud-based platform, it's easy to make more than ten different work packages for projects of all shapes and sizes. In addition, using the Power of O3 makes it easy and practical to set up a successful Advanced Work Packaging program. 

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