Payzerware software streamlines field service operations, simplifying scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and payment processes. While some users find the initial learning curve slightly steep, Payzerware's comprehensive features and real-time updates ultimately enhance efficiency and profitability, boosting your bottom line.

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About Payzerware

A cloud-based field service management tool called Payzerware helps contracting companies with technician dispatch and scheduling. Invoicing, call management, e-payments, and reminders are some of its main functions. A customer relationship management (CRM) feature included in the programme enables managers to track technicians in real-time and update clients on their locations. The technology enables managers to oversee recurring payments and track maintenance plan sales. It also allows crew members to retain client records and record information about the equipment.

QuickBooks is a third-party accounting platform that Payzerware integrates with. The system allows accountants to take payments, view transactions in real-time, and compute daily labour costs. Payzerware construction software includes an Android and iOS mobile application. It is accessible with a monthly membership, and phone and email support is offered. Automatic reminders advise technicians of upcoming job appointments and inform clients when a technician is en route. The Payzerware mobile app for iOS and Android enables appointment viewing, invoice preparation, internal messaging, and payments. Customer proposals and invoicing are supplemented by functionalities for field-selling maintenance plans.

Why Payzerware over other software solutions? 

Improve Collections

Technicians can email proposals to homeowners for immediate payment by simply converting them into invoices with two clicks. Payment methods include entering credit card or bank data on the spot, using a Bluetooth mobile card reader to swipe a credit card, or sending an email or text link. Mobile check imaging eliminates lost checks between the workplace and home. The possibility of receiving payment on the spot is increased by offering the customer many payment options.

Monitor batches of card or check transactions, delinquent bills, and all accounts receivable on a single, simple activity panel. You can also simply issue refunds from this screen. With the simple website plugin, you can easily remind homeowners to make payments and refer them to your website to do so. Create recurring payment schedules easily on your own terms. You'll never again lose checks, proposals, or invoices since you'll always have access to your payment history.

With a smooth Quickbooks Sync, eliminate double-entry. For all users, activity in Payzerware is updated in real-time across all devices. With customised permissions settings, you can maintain control over important accounting operations. Permit each user to accept cards, issue credits and voids, finance purchases, set up recurring payments, and more. To evaluate payment activity in the field, view work profit reports, invoice details, and staff productivity.

Simplify Operations

With personalised coverage zones, dispatch teams, and GIS monitoring, you can schedule appointments fast and dispatch more intelligently. You may manage client data and job information, including history, notes, and customer notifications, with the use of a simple process. oversee all parts of corporate activities, such as sales, worker productivity, requests for supplies and equipment, and more. When a possible service call comes in, you can take in all the customer-related information and plan the job using the drag-and-drop scheduler because our workflow is designed with the customer record at its core.

Create an optimised route for each professional and customer by allocating the task based on a specific dispatch group and coverage zones. The app will notify the technicians of the new appointment, and they can quickly find the location of the task, saving them time between service calls and enabling them to complete more jobs each day. To keep drivers and cars operating at their peak performance, take advantage of data on things like speeding, hard braking, distracted driving while using a cell phone, and service warnings.

Every time your fleet is delivered, important data is gathered thanks to our diagnostics. Utilize it to increase productivity, cut costs, and reward excellent drivers. Utilize a variety of built-in features, including tracking, navigation, and car position when parked. Directly access the task from the app, and alert the customer that you are en route by sending a pre-written text message. Having a delay? There are alerts for it as well.

In order to finish the task as quickly and effectively as possible, technicians have access to a complete history of the customer, including installed equipment, project notes from prior visits, and images.

Sell More

Gain new clients by using digital proposals that can be transformed into invoices in only two clicks. Create a digital pricebook or add Profit Rhino's integrated flat rate pricebook to increase earnings. By including maintenance plans in every job, you can generate more work and recurring revenue.

Instantly generate expert proposals and email them to the homeowner for approval. Before agreeing, the homeowner can make changes to the proposal and accept or reject new suggestions. Utilize the proposal comparison tool to compare various choices, and include integrated finance for a higher chance of landing the job. Create templates that all users can utilise for routine tasks to make it simpler for your staff to carry out in the field.

With Payzerware's integrated pricebooks, you can be sure you are making a profit on every work and covering your costs. To successfully price service jobs, either make your own or use the inbuilt flat rate option in Profit Rhino by Callahan Roach. For the most typical service tasks, save favourites that are easy to access on a mobile device. You may easily determine which work types are the most profitable for your business by looking at the job profit report, which shows you product cost, labour cost, total revenue, and total profits per task.

Last few Words!

Service providers and job dispatchers may manage company's operations and personnel from the field to the back office using Payzerware, a cloud-based, all-in-one management software solution. To know more about Payzerware, including Payzerware pricing and payzerware reviews, you can schedule a Payzerware demo. 

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