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Powered Now is a web and mobile field service management software that enables trade businesses such as builders, plumbers, and electricians as well as other small businesses with the ability to handle invoicing, estimating, scheduling, live team tracking, and more. 

Powered Now features an all-inclusive workflow, enabling users to print forms and certifications, record supplier expenses, manage diary calendars, track and chat with teams, and send fully-customizable documents such as job sheets, quotations, and invoices - all from a centralized platform. All user information is backed up and synchronized across iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows devices. Powered Now works offline as well. 

Powered Now Software Pricing

The software offers two pricing plans: Business Plan and Professional Plan. The Business Plan starts from $15.72 per user per month and the Professional Plan $38.75 per user per month. One can choose the pricing plan according to their needs.

Powered Now Software Demo

If you aren’t sure about investing in the software you can always schedule a free demo. Demos are useful as they familiarize a person with the features of a software. One can easily decide whether to invest or not after watching a demo.

Powered Now Software Reviews

Online reviews portray that Powered Now is incredibly straightforward and easy to use, highly adaptable, and includes all aspects necessary by a tradesperson or small business. Powered now brings everything into alignment; it assists with financial management and provides a more professional approach. No pen or paper is required or visible. Users can search for overdue invoices at a glance, send a reminder, and generally receive payment. Help desk crew is consistently efficient and timely with assistance and support. 

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, the software is easy to use. It is robust and has reliable invoicing. Overall, customer service is also very supportive. One can always use the demo to make a final decision.

Powered Now Software Features

While on the job or in the office, users can produce and deliver professional estimates and invoices from any location, on any device, at any time. Quotes and invoices are emailed or texted to customers to expedite their receipt.

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Powered Now includes scheduling features and a central diary, enabling users to establish appointments and reminders and manage the schedules of their entire staff from a single location. Schedules are immediately linked to maps, intelligent routes, and driving directions. Notifications sent via email or text message keep customers informed of expected arrival timings or delays. Live team tracking tools guarantee that users are always aware of the precise location of their team, while live team chat enables users to communicate with other team members.

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Expense monitoring software allows customers to record all costs, including employee personal spending. Users gain important insight into business performance and finances, as well as sales, expenses, and supplier invoicing, through reporting features.

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