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The construction project management tool ARES PRISM is appropriate for companies of all sizes. It has features like field management, cost management, equipment tracking, time and payroll reporting, and manpower loading. Users can forecast capital projects and programs using PRISM's role-based real-time cost tracking and forecasting. Users can forecast completion dates and the amount of labor needed for various projects using estimated data. Site managers can estimate data and make a master schedule with the aid of PRISM. The master schedule facilitates task modification according to the task's duration, date, percentage of completion, and other factors.

Top Three Solutions by Ares Prism Software

Project Reporting Dashboard

Users can view each change as it is made with the help of the user-friendly PRISM Dashboard tool. With the help of this dashboard solution, users can quickly assess the performance of their projects, programs, and portfolios. Never let your eyes leave the data as you work at the speed of thought. PRISM Dashboard is simple to use for anyone with a working knowledge of MS Excel. PRISM Dashboard offers a number of pre-designed dashboard views that display performance and progress data in accordance with industry best practices. View and export high-level data in the PRISM Dashboard starting at the top. Users of the robust project reporting tool PRISM can view the dataset for a single project or select multiple projects to view in order to get a quick overview of their entire portfolio. Your dashboards can be sorted and filtered by project, phase,

  • Using real-time data, make more educated business decisions.
  • Spend less on capital expenditures.
  • Assemble all of your PRISM data into a single, user-friendly dashboard.
  • Recognize trends in projects and the ones that pose the biggest risks.
  • Easily decide when to move forward with "suspicious" projects.

Field Management Software

An essential tool for progress, PRISM Field Management provides accurate and timely status alerts from the field. When activities are going over budget or running behind schedule, identify the critical issues and keep your group, such as contractors and subs, on track. Users can access the data set, make updates, and enter on-site data directly from the field (or from anywhere in the world with the internet) thanks to PRISM Go, a field management software extension! Companies that want and need information about construction project work can use PRISM Field. You can assess the degree of completion for each instrument and installation on a Jobsite using PRISM Field. As per Ares prism reviews, this is the users' favorite feature. 

With Ares PRISM construction management solution, performance can be fully measured, and progress can be precisely reported depending on installed quantities and hours worked. Users will receive timely issue alerts thanks to detailed field data collected throughout the life cycle of the project, enabling the quick development of corrective measures to keep your projects on schedule and within budget.

Document Management Software

A document management solution called PRISM Docs makes it easy to locate, distribute, and manage important technical and business documents. It is a straightforward and adaptable tool for resolving even the most difficult workflow, data management, and collaboration problems, and it makes it simple to meet the particular needs of various enterprise departments. 

With PRISM Docs, you can start anywhere and scale easily to meet the most intricate and extensive needs of your company without incurring the expense and complexity of an enterprise-scale solution. Whether you require a CAD file management point solution or a single solution to address the document, statistics, and workflow necessitates of your entire enterprise, PRISM Docs has the characteristics and control necessary to adapt to the particular needs of your business. PRISM Docs is simple to use, reasonably priced, and easy to implement. This enables you to scale the solution quickly and affordably to any department within your company. To check out this feature, you can schedule an Ares prism demo. 

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