SmartBid simplifies construction bid management with its centralized platform, mobile compatibility,  and seamless subcontractor collaboration. While users may require some initial onboarding, SmartBid's  support and customizable features enhance efficiency in the long run.

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SmartBid is a construction bid management software created to aid general contractors in streamlining the preconstruction process and improving subcontractor communication through a variety of features including invitations to bid, subcontractor management, and project document management, as well as prequalification management and subcontractor bid comparisons. Additionally, SmartBid provides compliance tracking technology, native mobile applications, reporting features, and a variety of connections and add-ons. 

SmartBids’ approved customers can access their data via a web browser or the SmartBid mobile app, which is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Users can use their private sub-database and filter for qualified subcontractors, or they can utilize the integrated ConstructConnect subcontractor network and SmartInsight construction network to pick the most qualified subcontractors for each project.  

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SmartBid has not presented their pricing plan on the website but it can be accessed by requesting for it after filling in a form that is provided.  

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Are you interested in testing out the features of this product before making a purchase? Simply by booking a free demonstration of the software, you will be able to see for yourself how it functions. A comprehensive demonstration of SmartBid will assist you in developing a sense of familiarity with the elements. 

SmartBid Software Reviews

In lieu of the reviews published online by users we can vouch for the ease of use of the software. Moreover, users have also praised the quality of support and service accompanied by the ease of setup.  


After doing an in-depth analysis of the software we can surely say that customers appear to be quite satisfied with it. Even though it does have some shortcomings, SmartBid is a praiseworthy tool that not only simplifies the bidding process but also gives the user the flexibility to adapt it to their specific requirements.

SmartBid Software Features

Subcontractor data management solutions enable users to effortlessly manage subcontractor information via a centralized contact database, whereas subcontractor bid comparison technology helps users to reliably combine, calculate, and compare subcontractor bid proposals.The integration of SmartCompliance enables users to monitor subcontractor compliance with respect to project or corporated regulatory requirements.

SmartBid allows customers to monitor subcontractor answers and bids, as well as access plan rooms, from any mobile device, at any time, and from anywhere with mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phones. Reporting capabilities aid in providing users with actionable insight into project performance, while project management and ERP integrations, as well as integrated plan room estimating and takeoff, cloud storage solutions, and risk analysis reports, help to streamline construction bid management processes.

Upload materials related to the project in a variety of formats. Provide users who are permitted with the ability to edit. Through the use of XML integration, public papers can be published on websites.

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