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ThermoGRID is a web-based solution for HVAC businesses that consolidates the whole business cycle with capabilities like lead generation, marketing, scheduling & dispatching, inventory management, payroll, and invoicing, among others. The system includes intelligent dispatching, which automatically schedules subcontractors to work sites based on their position, talents, geography, expertise, and any conflicts in order to provide a great client experience. In addition, contractors can manage bookings via a calendar interface that follows leads throughout the whole sales process and provides visual data with conversion rates and total bookings for a specified time period. 

The GPS features of ThermoGRID's mobile app can track staff' routes to service sites and record their contacts with clients. Additionally, the solution provides consumers with their own profile, which contains information such as prior requests, contact information, uploaded job images, and payment details. This database enables HVAC businesses to manage their personnel and evaluate their performance based on client feedback and service quality.

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The pricing plan has not been shared by the software on their website. The vendor can be directly contacted to get information about the cost.

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Is it possible that you're still on the fence about investing in ThermoGRID? In order to help you make an informed decision, we're happy to have you take part in a live demonstration. After taking part in a demonstration, you'll have a better idea of the advantages and why it's necessary. 

ThermoGRID Software Reviews

Reviews on ThermoGRID have been posted by users online that state it is exceptionally easy to use. Videos to help you better grasp the software's capabilities. Data double-entry is eliminated thanks to the connection of credit card, banking, and Quickbooks systems. Flat-rate pricing is a big bonus for our organization, and it can be tailored to our specific requirements. Every issue or inquiry can be addressed by customer service. 

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, it is safe to say that every software has its pros and cons and ThermoGRID does as well. Users can take a look at the demo and then decide if they want to subscribe or not.  

ThermoGRID Software Features

The website builder permits integration with various platforms and services for optimal online presence development. Include social media such as Twitter and Facebook on your website without the requirement for setup or synchronization with GitHub to further customize your website's code. ThermoGrid hosts and provides mobile editing, enabling you to manage the design process from iOS or Android smartphones.

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You are able to provide it with information such as colors, themes, and layout preferences, and then allow the AI to handle the remainder of the work based on what you offer to it.

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Our contact management capability allows users to submit images of the job site, purchase orders, and service technician's task sheets, and automates maintenance agreement scheduling and billing. In addition, ThermoGrid offers daily KPI and management reporting as well as intensive training and assistance to guarantee success.

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