Trimble Estimation simplifies complex estimating tasks with its intuitive interface and trade-specific tools.  Generate professional estimates, leverage real-time pricing data, and win more bids with this comprehensive solution. While some users report compatibility issues with certain CAD systems, Trimble Estimation's powerful features make it a valuable asset.

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Trimble Estimation, previously known as Viewpoint Estimation, is a full-featured estimating tool made for the needs of contractors who work with mechanical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Trimble Estimation lets you automate the estimating process, lower bidding costs, and, most importantly, win jobs so you can make the most money. It was made with features that are specific to your trade. 

The software has Digital Takeoff, integrated pricing tools that give instant access to pricing from your suppliers, specification-driven takeoff, and dynamic assemblies. Autofitting generation is another feature of Trimble Estimation. With this feature, you can automatically make and count fittings, which speeds up and improves the accuracy of estimates. 

Trimble Estimation Software Pricing

The Trimble estimation software cost has an annual subscription of $65. Please ask the vendor for more pricing details.  

Trimble Estimation Software Demo

We strongly suggest you schedule a Trimble Estimation demo if you are still on the fence about whether or not to purchase it. You can go deeper into each feature and study it more thoroughly with the help of the Trimble estimating software demo. You can get a demo by contacting the provider. 

Trimble Estimation Software Review

Users express a high level of satisfaction with the extensive functionality and user-friendliness of the Trimble estimation software. In addition, the vast majority of people compliment customer support on how attentive they are. You can continue reading about the advantages and disadvantages below. 

Our Thoughts

Trimble is a SaaS program for estimating businesses in the construction and manufacturing industries. The platform has tools for estimating, managing changes, pricing, managing submittals, taking off, and more.

Trimble Estimation Software Features

With Trimble estimation construction management software, you can quickly and easily make professional estimates, reports, and in-depth analyses. In addition, the software is made to fit your trade, whether it's plumbing, electrical, or mechanical work.

Trimble's 3D Laser Scanning Service was made to help you get around these problems by giving accurate and precise information about as-built conditions well before a project starts. As a result, scanning is an efficient and cost-effective way to find out where existing MEP systems are and compare them to the planned design, which is impossible with paper.

MEP firms that don't have the time or money to learn new skills, buy new technology, or become BIM experts can use Trimble's 3D modeling services. Using the level of development industry specifications, you can make 3D models for all trades, like mechanical, plumbing, medical gas, electrical, and fire protection.

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