Workiz Software

Workiz is a cloud-based solution for businesses and professionals that manages scheduling, customer interactions, invoicing, payment processing, and various other workflow-related tasks. This helps to improve operational workflows. 

Workiz construction software provides complete visibility and control over various operational aspects. As a result, it helps increase revenue and productivity. It is best suited for on-demand industries that are small to medium in size. 

Key Features  

Job Scheduling 

Workiz software offers a drag-and-drop, color-coded calendar to schedule and keep track of jobs. You can view schedules with filters for days, weeks, months, employee location, and availability for maximum efficiency and full visibility. In addition, customers can request services from a business's website or social listings through an integrated widget. 

Job Management 

With Workiz construction software, you can separate field staff and teams by location to make scheduling and sending them to jobs easier. Moreover, you can keep track of clock-in and clock-out times, the job's progress and current status, still open tasks, and more. You can seamlessly manage several franchises as all of this is achievable from a single platform. 

Inventory Management 

Workiz software enables you to add items, assign brands and categories, and take stock counts to build and manage your inventory from one place. You can keep track of inventory items in places like the main office, the warehouse, and service vehicles.  

In addition, you can set up reorder points to ensure you always have enough of an item in stock. You can search and filter the whole inventory with just a few clicks. The software enables you to write down every change in stock, use, return, cancellation, and movement of items from one place to another to store stock. You can also get usage reports for specific dates and times with a list of items used and how much they cost across jobs and users. 

Workiz Pricing 

Do you want to know how much the Workiz software costs? The pricing starts at $45 per user per month. You can also avail the free trial. For more pricing information, please reach out to the vendor.  

Workiz Demo 

In case you are still contemplating, the Workiz demo is a great way to analyze the software before purchasing it. The demo is beneficial as it helps you explore the software in real-time so you can see what features are helpful for you. You can navigate through all the tools and features to decide whether it’s wise to invest in the software or not.  

Workiz Reviews 

Workiz reviews show that users love the easy-to-use and set-up software. The majority of the reviews have a positive rating. Users also praise the customer service. Please scroll down to read what actual users have to say about Workiz construction software. 

Our Thoughts  

Workiz software comes with all the field service schedule tools you need for your business. It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly, and customizable solution that helps field service professionals run their businesses more efficiently. You can explore Workiz features in detail during the demo.  

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