Headquartered in New York, the company was founded in 1997 and is currently one of the leading providers of innovative health solutions that transform the administrative and clinical side of healthcare organizations of all sizes.

CureMD EHR offers an All-in-One platform comprising of cohesive EHR, Practice Management (PM), Patient Portal and Medical Billing Services. CureMD SMART Cloud is an ONC 2015 Edition compliant EHR and is MIPS, Meaningful Use Stage 2 & 3 ready. The EHR software offers interoperability and smooth connectivity to over 40,000+ pharmacies, electronic labs, payers, cancer/immunization/specialty registries, hospital networks, referring providers and various other stakeholders.

The Practice Management side of the solution is HIPAA compliant and comes with an ICD-10 guarantee, KPI dashboards, scheduling, payer management, prescription tracking, eligibility checks, denial management, and numerous other features.

The Medical Billing service is an end to end RCM solution geared towards 35 specialties. At a cost of 4% of monthly collected revenue, physicians can handover their entire billing operations from claim formation, submission, follow-ups, denial management, payments posting and reporting to a dedicated team of medical billing experts with 20 years of industry-specific experience.

CureMD was named #1 Practice Management & EHR (1-10 physicians category) by KLAS Research in 2017.

CureMD EMR Software

Today's most popular FAQs

How much time does it take to get the CureMD EHR system started?

Typically, the Go-Live date for small to medium practices is between 4-6 weeks after the kick-off call. For larger practices, the Go-Live date takes between 8-10 weeks after the kick-off call. This timeline is dependent upon the size and scope of the project.

Is CureMD a true Cloud system?

Unlike other systems CureMD is a Cloud system which does not require costly installations and can be accessed with just an internet browser. CureMD does not require new computers, software licenses, servers or maintenance.

Is CureMD prepared for ICD-10?

CureMD is ICD-10 ready and offers extended support and consulting to help you migrate to the new ICD-10 coding standard

Is CureMD specialty-specific? Which specialties are supported?

CureMD provides specialty content and features for over 30 specialties View specialties.

What does CureMD do?

CureMD is an award winning provider of EHR, Practice Management, Patient Portal and Medical Billing Services, designed to optimize outcomes, quality and returns.

Why CureMD?

CureMD SMART Cloud is the most adaptable, accessible and affordable solution available today. It is the only true all-in-one EHR solution today that is tailored for over 35 specialties.

CureMD EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

28 Reviews



Jessica Allan MD PC

2-10 employees

September 2020

Really great software

I am very happy with CureMD. My past experience with EMR software have been frustrating but CureMD works like a dream. Their support staff is great and very helpful too!

I hope to see that in the future they integrate other EMRs onto their software for better use.


Interactive Family Care

11-50 employees

August 2019

Good experience so far

We didn’t need much for our practice but whatever we required we found it in this system. CureMD has given us the flexibility of making our own progress notes and customize the templates as well as the charting system for a seamless and fast experience. It has all the latest certifications needed to run a practice.

None so far. We like what we have.


Advanced Physician

1,001-5,000 employees

July 2019

My recommendation

Easy to use the system. CureMD has made it easier for us to design our own templates which we require for internal use. Charting has now become simple and straightforward. It doesn’t require much time to write notes and the doctors are mainly happy because we don’t have to take our work with us at home. Navigation is pretty easy. Overall I am satisfied with the system.

They need to put more effort into the overall appearance of the system.


Family Health Services

11-50 employees

May 2019

Easy to use

I mainly like it because of the ease of use it provides and can easily be tailored to the needs of a practice and its users. From the front desk to the doctors and the biller, everything is interlinked and the information is replicated seamlessly. Implementation was easy and quick. The system isn’t as expensive and delivers on what they promise.

Not anymore. Before they used to work only on IE.


Springbok Health Inc.

11-50 employees

May 2019

Happy client

We love how they consider our suggestions while rolling out new updates. CureMD is up to date with all the latest certifications. Their EMR can be tailored to each specialty and needs of the practice. We use their EMR and PM both and have seen an increase in the revenues. Claims are easier to submit and so are the follow-ups. Their customer support is one of a kind.

Its time consuming to take care of the lab orders.


Jessica Allan MD PC

2-10 employees

March 2019

This is it!

CureMD system is brilliantly designed with a lot of features and modules. Their customer support is capable and pleasant. They are able to address the problem quickly and resolve it. Implementation and training staff knew their game and helped us tailor the system efficiently. It doesn’t have unnecessary features and has exactly what a practice need.

Integration with other EMRs is not as seamless.


Midway Medical Clinic

2-10 employees

November 2018

Pretty Good Software

It is a pretty good software, as it is easy to and to navigate between screens. They have amazing features, works really well with our practice. You can also use some of their software features in their app, which is really great for times when you're out. This EHR system is great but I think that they could improve more and make it excellent.

The only con that it has is that it only works with internet explorer, which I dislike the most. They need to make it compatible to work on other browsers as well.



51-200 employees

September 2018

CureMD the virtual doctors office!

CureMD is a software that needs to be in every medical office. It has saved me a lot of time of transferring results and referrals. It has completely computerized our entire office. It saves you filing time, organizing time, it is easy to use, lets your store years worth of medical reports that are confidential, and much more. Our whole staff just simply loves CureMD. It is indeed a great software. Take my word for it.

There are no cons at all. I recommend CureMD to everyone.


Isk institute

10,000+ employees

March 2018

Amazing System

The system is really great, and I can verify this as we tested it during a study and it turned out to be simply amazing. Their tech team is super great, always ready to help. The product itself is quite affordable and they also offer patient portal so things kind of get really easy for the practitioner to manage.

The system has a lot of questions that are to be answered before you get in, takes a lot of time just filling the form.


Pearl Health Clinic

51-200 employees

January 2018


The system is nice, and the tech team is great, they’re prompt in responding. The system is affordable, which is great for people looking for a system on a budget.

Is only compatible with the slowest browser “The Internet Explorer”. Is very slow in responding to any command given to it. It isn’t user-friendly at all. The reporting system is not according to our requirements. Incorrect eligibility checks. We’re a mental health clinic and for us this system doesn’t seem to work out.

Our EHR consultants can help narrow down software options for you based on your price range and needs.

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