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ALIS (Assisted Living Intelligent Solutions) is a cloud-based EHR system that is HIPAA-compliant and streamlines patient data management. It is intended for assisted living, memory care, independent living, and behavioral health communities. It offers comprehensive patient care from admission to recovery and follow-up. This technology provides one-to-one solutions based on the needs of individual patients. It is a centralized medical management software that enhances practice performance and management. It eliminates manual and traditional labor by completely digitizing it. 

By monitoring occupancy, tracking resident and staff regulatory reviews, and creating customizable alerts, you can gain real-time visibility. All Chromebooks, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web-based devices are supported by this SaaS software. It provides scheduling, appointment tracking, and progress reports. 

Key Features

Revenue Management

For total revenue management, it provides budget control and profit estimation. For automatic billing, ALIS software includes bill and invoicing features. It handles cancellation options as well as expense tracking. It generates monthly invoices and keeps track of ancillary charges. The software allows you to make bulk payments and track deposits. It offers detailed account receivable tracking as well as a two-tiered approval process for charges, credits, and discounts. It includes tools for comprehensive lease management as well as revenue forecasting. 

Total Employee and Patient Management

Dashboards for staff regulation and optimization are built into the software. It sends notifications, messages, and alerts to employees in order to increase turnover and improve performance. ALIS EHR includes TB status tracking, artificial intelligence-powered anomaly detection, and acuity analysis. 

Tracking and Reporting

You can find regulatory compliance overviews as well as summarized daily, monthly, and annual reports. It provides a thorough investigation of the incident. ALIS offers dashboard data as well as dashboard presentations. It supports PCI complaints, insurance management, and occupational reporting, as well as detailed occupancy reporting, customizable rent rolls, and resident ledger and charge card support. 

ALIS Software Pricing

Pricing for ALIS begins at $8.00 per month per user. Click the "Get Pricing" button for more ALIS pricing information and custom quotes for your healthcare organization or personal use. 

ALIS Software Demo

The software's free version is no longer available. All users who are interested in the premium software can get a free trial of the paid version. Training is available through webinars, documentation, videos, email/help desk, FAQs/forums, phone support, 24/7 live support, and chat. Click the "Watch Demo" button to see an in-depth ALIS demonstration. 

ALIS Software Reviews

Globally, the software has been used for EHR management and secure patient record tracking. It has received five-star ratings across multiple platforms. It is a comprehensive medical management software that assesses and manages risks for sole practitioners and hospitals. Check out the Reviews Section for more ALIS Assisted Living Intelligent Solutions reviews. 

Our Thoughts

ALIS is a web-based medical delivery management software that reduces the need for medical administration reports and staff documentation. It has document management and summarizing capabilities. It provides employees, doctors, and patients with centralized access with a single click. 

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